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Burlington Telecom Conference Room
February 28, 2012


TAC Members:
Present: Ross Nizlek, Bradley Holt and Pete Jewett
Absent: Geoff Wyman, Nina Parris and Greg Hancock

Also in Attendance:
Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault
Burlington Telecom: Stephen Barraclough

1. Convene meeting of TAC at 4:08 p.m. No quorum.

2. Discussion Topics

A. Status of Business:
Jewett: Inquired as to whether the marketing person would be attending the meetings regularly.
Barraclough: Stacey and Mike can both attend the TAC meetings as necessary.
a. Discussed the new BT website which is piggy-backing off from the new HBC website.
Will include a self-serve module and is expected to launch potentially in June. BT is also
working on defining value proposition.
1. Would like TAC members to convey ideas or views from TAC/Burlington
residents at this or the next meeting.
Jewett asked if the TAC would be able to view the new website prior to
Barraclough explained that was possible.
b. On the commercial side there is nothing new to report. Need to determine if BT is
going to offer additional services as part of the redefining BT exercise.
c. The business as a whole: issue is stopping churn on services and customers. For the
first time in 2 years, BT has seen positive growth.
d. Conducting a review on the technical side to understand critical issues and what must
be replaced.

B. CitiCapital Lawsuit:
Nizlek asked whether there were any changes in the CitiCapital lawsuit.
Barraclough explained that there are not.

C. Churn:
Jewett inquired as to whether BT should see a decrease in services due to people cord
cutting and choosing to watch television via the internet.
Barraclough explained that yes we should see some churn.

D. Investor Change?
Nizlek asked if there was any change in the investors?
Barraclough explained that no there has been no change. The same two companies are
still at the table but we do not expect a deal until after the lawsuit has been resolved.

E. User Guide:
Thibeault explained that BT’s new user guide will be hot off the press on March 1st.

F. General Discussion:
Holt offered any assistance.

Nizlek suggested BT obtain testimonials from customers and help desk as to what does
BT do for you?
a. Discussed cloud back-up and engaging a 3rd party.
b. Brief discussion of future possibilities and content delivery systems.

3. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 4:38 p.m.