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Department of Public Works Conference Room
January 24, 2012

TAC Members:
Present: Greg Hancock, Ross Nizlek, Bradley Holt, Nina Parris, Steve McIntyre,
Absent: Geoff Wyman and Pete Jewett

Also in Attendance:
Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault
Burlington Telecom: Stacey Trudo

1. Convene meeting of TAC at 4:05 p.m.

2. Discussion Topics

1. Update on hosted IP PBX
a. Thibeault explained that this is an ongoing discussion. The City of Burlington uses
this structure. Thibeault stated that Mike Flora would be in touch with Nizlek to

2. Introduction of Stacey Trudo, new Customer Service and Marketing Manager for BT.
a. Trudo explained that she was relatively new at BT. Would have a better
understanding as to what is on the marketing front by the next meeting.
b. Holt asked what the TAC could do to assist Trudo?
i. Trudo: emphasize the positive points such as state of the art network and
local connection.
ii.Nizlek discussed the student market.
1. Trudo discussed the ongoing student promotions that are
Parris mentioned Burlington College and their film program. Trudo to
speak with Burlington College.

3. Management Update
a. Thibeault explained the Redstone deal.
b. Holt discussed the potential of a free cable television offering.
c. Discussion among group regarding the mayoral race and whether or not the
candidates have reached out to Burlington Telecom. There was a suggestion that BT
reach out to them.

3. Chair and Vice Chair Discussion
McIntyre resigning as Chair of the TAC. Jewett to become acting Chair as he was the current Vice
MOTION by Holt, seconded by Nizlek to make Greg Hancock the new Vice Chair, Unanimous.
McIntyre will remain on the TAC for now but will no longer be serving in Chair capacity.

4. Location for Meeting
Brief discussion regarding the meeting location. It was decided to move the meeting back to 200
Church Street.

5. Adjournment
MOTION to adjourn at 4:40 p.m. made by McIntyre, seconded by Holt.