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Department of Public Works Conference Room

March 22, 2011




TAC Members:
Present: Pete Jewett, Steve McIntyre, David Pocius
Absent: Tim George, Geoffrey Wyman, Greg Hancock


Also in Attendance:
Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault
Dorman & Fawcett: Stephen Barraclough
HBC: Gary Evans
HBC: Mary Malloy


1.  Convene meeting of TAC at 4:15 p.m. (no quorum)

2.  General Discussion

a. Introduction of Mary Malloy from HBC and items that she is tackling while consulting with Burlington Telecom including:

1. Reviewing pricing structure and costs of services. There is a possibility of rate reductions but too early to tell what this could be.

2. Already instituted price reductions for Internet.

3. Marketing to the student population and landlords.

4. A marketing plan for BT.

5. Local involvement using the catch-phrases “BT Advantage” and “Believe in BT.”

6. Churn Analysis


3. General Question and Answer

a. Pocius: How is BT addressing the unserved areas in the marketing approach?

i. Barraclough mentioned that the decision about whether to continue the build-out will be in the investor’s court.

ii. Malloy explained how the Customer Service Representative would respond if/when a potential customer contacted BT and their area was not yet serviceable.

b. McIntyre: Asked that BT provide the TAC with any pricing changes prior to providing these to the public.

                                i. Barraclough agreed to do so.

c. McIntyre: Inquired as to whether there were more than 2 Letter’s of Intent as reported in the Burlington Free Press.

i. Barraclough explained that within the next 30-45 days D&F expects possibly one or two more LOI’s and they continue to work with the two companies that have already provided LOI’s.  

4. Adjournment at 5:00