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Department of Public Works Conference Room
September 28, 2010


TAC Members:
Present: Pete Jewett, Steve McIntyre, David Pocius, Geoffrey Wyman and Greg Hancock
Absent: Tom Hyde and Tim George

Also in Attendance:
Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault
Burlington Telecom: Mike Flora
City Council President Bill Keogh

1.  Convene meeting of TAC at 4:07 p.m.
2.  Approval of today's Agenda by the TAC
MOTION by WYMAN, seconded by JEWETT to approve the Agenda for today’s TAC meeting as presented. Unanimous. 
3. Public Forum

4. Approval of Minutes from the prior TAC meeting.
MOTION by JEWETT, seconded by WYMAN to approve the minutes from the prior TAC meeting. Unanimous. 

5.  Quarterly Report Discussion
a. TAC discussed the status of the quarterly reports. Due to be completed by the end of the week, October 4th.
b. President Bill Keogh addressed the TAC members to thank them for their service and support.
6. Carriage Policy and Traffic Shaping Policy: BT has no update and will wait for the hiring of the new General Manager before they are able to report on these policies.

7. General Manager’s Report – Part 1

8. General Manager’s Report – Part 2 Executive Session.

9. Other topics
a. Discussed BT’s connection to Champlain College at the Champlain Mill in Winooski.
b. Discussed recent resignations at BT.
c. Discussed lower income pricing options for Internet.
d. Next TAC meeting will be at BT and will include a tour of the facilities.

10. Adjournment  
MOTION to adjourn at 4:50 p.m. by WYMAN, seconded by POCIUS. Unanimous.