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Department of Public Works Conference Room


Present: Tim George, Steve Mcintyre, Geoff Wyman, David Pocius, Thomas Hyde, Greg Hancock


1.Convene (approximately 4:00 pm) Quorum at 4:08


2. Approval of today's Agenda by the TAC

-Carriage Policy added by Pocius

Motion by Wyman, Seconded by George

Suggested motion: “To approve the Agenda for today’s TAC meeting as presented (or as amended.)”


3. Public Forum - No public present


4. Approval of Minutes from the prior TAC meeting

Motion by Tom Hyde, seconded by Wyman


5. Front Porch Forum message

Discussion on FPF language and usage.  Hopes to gain more public input and public participation at meetings


6. Chris Burns' resignation and Dorman & Fawcett's taking over day to day management

-Hyde to Draft Resolution to Thank Chris Burns for his efforts at BT.

-Dorman and Fawcett may plan to participate in next meeting.


7. Answer on Traffic Shaping/Bandwidth Throttling question. - No BT staff present


8. Open discussion to other topics

 Quarterly Report – Mcintyre goes through process for BTAC next report cycle.

- Review of past assignments and Hancock added to Operations and Technology Cmte.

- George points out that report should be in an advisory role language and looking forward.

- Rough draft to be ready for Sept. Meeting

- Mcintyre continues to work on BTAC website.


9. General Manager’s Report, Part 1 (if management is present - No BT management present

10. General Manager’s Report, Part 2 (Executive Session if necessary) - No BT management Present

11. Adjournment

Suggested motion: “To adjourn this meeting of the Telecommunications Advisory Committee.”

Motion by Pocius seconded by Hyde

Adjourned at 4:45