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Department of Public Works Conference Room
May 25, 2010


TAC Members:
Present: Pete Jewett, Steve McIntyre, Jan Schultz, Geoffrey Wyman and Tim George
Absent: Tom Hyde, David Pocius 

Also in Attendance:
Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault
Burlington Telecom: Lisa Geisweit
Burlington Telecom: Chris Burns

1.  Convene meeting of TAC at 4:19 p.m.
2.  Approval of today's Agenda by the TAC
Added Resolution on Pertaining to TAC Participation in City Council Meetings where BT is Discussed
MOTION by WYMAN, seconded by SCHULTZ to approve the Agenda for today’s TAC meeting as presented. Unanimous. 
3. Public Forum

4. Approval of Minutes from the April 27, 2010 meeting
MOTION by WYMAN, seconded by JEWETT to accept the minutes from the April 27, 2010 meeting of the TAC.

5.  Annual Report
Steve McIntyre will circulate a draft of the report in the next week. 
6. Google Site Discussion
Steve McIntyre had a discussion with the City Attorney’s office regarding the website. 
Temporarily suspending the use of this site pending a legal opinion as to whether the site violates public records law. 

7. Resolution on TAC participation in City Council Meetings
Resolution unanimously accepted by the TAC members:

“RESOLVED that the TAC requests of the City Council that the Council, either by the Chair of the Transportation, Electric, and Utilities Committee or other designee selected thereby, notify the Chairperson of the Telecommunication Advisory Committee as promptly as possible in advance of a City Council meeting when business related to Burlington Telecom is or is expected to be on the agenda”, and;

“RESOLVED that the TAC requests of the City Council that the Council, during its Executive Sessions pertaining to Burlington Telecom, fully supports the participation of members of the Telecommunication Advisory Committee who have signed all agreements pertaining to non-disclosure of confidential information.”

8. Discussion pertaining to pricing and internet to low-income residents
Geisweit explained that BT has made some progress towards a cooperative relationship with a non-profit. 
Jewett mention potential US broadband funding grants
Schultz suggested speaking to CEDO about grant money
Jewett suggested a single fiber drop to neighborhood and Wi-Fi access as well as contracts

9. General Manager’s Report 
Burns explained that BT presented its budget to the Board of Finance last week and will present again to the full City Council and shared the highlights of the budget.

10. Executive Session at 5:30 p.m. to discuss personell matters; exited executive session at 6:00 p.m. 

11. Adjournment at 6:01 p.m. 
MOTION to adjourn by SCHULTZ, seconded by JEWETT. Unanimous.