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TAC Meeting

4:12 convene meeting

TAC Members:
Present: Tim George, Geoffrey Wyman, Jan Schulz, David Pocius and Pete Jewett
Absent: Steve McIntyre and Tom Hyde,

Also in Attendance:
Burlington Telecom: Mike Flora
Burlington Telecom: Lisa Geisweit
President Bill Keogh

9.1 Modification (executive session) matter from 2/22
Jan motion to approve, Jeff second
i.      Unanimous

Public Forum
GM report
i.      Twitter
ii.      Marketing Meeting
iii.      Google Application
iv.      Wi-Fi

Motion to Executive Session Jan, Pete 2nd
i. Objection to Executive Session language by David
ii. Unanimous

Motion to exit Executive Session – Jan, 2nd David
i.      Unanimous

Quarterly reports
Tim to report on resolution regarding quarterly reports. Can be financial, but also include additional information
Creation of document – for annual.
i.      Currently - The Chair writes it up, committee reviews and votes, then to council when agreed upon.

ii.      Wants to change format – to assist in educate in areas of BT – to break down sections on the quarterly reports. First draft due on March 12th

1.Identified categories to apprise council of: financial, technology, legal, sales/marketing, operations

a. Jeff – Sales/Marketing, Operations
b. David – Legal,
c. Pete – Tech, Sales/Marketing
d. Tim – Finance, Legal
e. Jan – Tech, Operations 
f.Tom – Finance
g.Steve – Sales/Marketing

Communication pertaining to issues raised by BRC
Jan – wants BT to look at consultants reports and provide responses. He will create an outline for what he suggests BT provides answers for
Resolution – Chair’s discretion to not discuss
Google – Pete discussed looking more into it
Requests for confidential information
What happens when one member requests info from BT. Decided that everyone receives information when one person requests info
i.   Amber on BT side and Tim George on TAC side must be copied on all record requests

2nd Executive Session
Jan motioned, Pete 2nd
Jan out of Executive Session – 2nd Pete
Jan motion to adjourn, Pete 2nd
Meeting adjourned 6:09