April Fools


The Burling Telecom Advisory Committee (BTAC) supports the sale of Burlington Telecom to Lockheed Martin. 
We have had preliminary meetings with the new management team LM has put in place, and have made several suggestions, some of which will begin immediately. These include:
Every current BT subscriber will receive a free Javelin
Every new BT Subscriber will receive a free Marlin
Al Jazeera will be replaced by FOX Areospace Research Television
VCAM will be replaced by an interactive version of GeoEye-2
RETN will be replaced by RSSI
CCTV will now feature Closed Circuit Television that features footage from Lockheed Martin aerial reconnaissance flights over Burlington

Burlington Telecom, along with it's subscribers, is now in an authoritative position to increase it's share of the Burlington market. While we believe doing so by force won't be necessary, we now have that option, which will help reinforce our new marketing campaign.

Burlington Telecom. Switch. Now. We're Watching.