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Meeting of the Telecommunications Advisory Committee (TAC)

Burlington Telecom Office, 200 Church St., Burlington, VT

Tuesday October 25th, 2011

1. Convene (approximately 4:00 pm)

2. Public Forum - We can still invite the public even if we can't have an official meeting

3. Open discussion to other topics

    a. The menus have changed on TV, is this because we've swapped out equipment? 
    b. Any new marketing plans?
    c. What is happening to subscriber levels with the current lawsuit?
    d. Notice: Changing meeting time to 3rd Tuesday of the month.

4. Introducing Bradley Holt - Q&A

   a. NDA discussion

5. Get up to speed/refresher on issues before non-quorum hiatus

6. BTAC Management Report - 

   a. Have roles changed

   b. Anything new on the Investor/buyer front?

7. Adjournment