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Meeting of the Telecommunications Advisory Committee (TAC)

Department of Public Works, 645 Pine Street, Burlington, Vermont

September 28, 2010

1. Convene (approximately 4:00 pm)

2. Approval of today's Agenda by the TAC

    Suggested motion:  “To approve the Agenda for today’s TAC meeting as presented (or as amended.)”     

3. Public Forum

4. Approval of Minutes from the prior TAC meeting

5. Quarterly Report - Sections will be due. We can discuss the content to see if anything needs to changed. 

6. Answer on Carriage Policy

7. Answer on Traffic Shaping/Bandwidth Throttling question.

8. Open discussion to other topics

9. General Manager’s Report, Part 1 (if management is present - I haven't heard if D&F representative will be there)

10. General Manager’s Report, Part 2 (Executive Session if necessary)

11. Adjournment

Suggested motion:  “To adjourn this meeting of the Telecommunications Advisory Committee.”

Submitted by Steve McIntyre

Chair, Telecommunications Advisory Committee