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Meeting of the Telecommunications Advisory Committee (TAC)

Burlington Telecom, 200 Church St, Burlington, Vermont

Tuesday July 24, 2012



1. Convene (approximately 4:00 pm)


2. Public Forum


3. Discussion Topics

a. Open Discussion

Questions for discussion:

  • Will Burlington Telecom be sold off?
  • How can we get more information from the Blue Ribbon commission about the process, where we are in it, and what we can expect or plan for?
  • What, exactly, is our refinancing situation right now?
  • What is the legal situation right now and how does it impact the refinancing situation?
  • What are the long-term prospects for continued public ownership of BT?
  • What amount of subscriber growth is projected to be needed to create and maintain revenue growth?
  • What is our current marketing plan and budget?
Other suggestions for discussion:
  • BT "branding"
  • Public WIFI locations and access (eg., why North Beach Campground and not North Beach? Can we expand locations?)
  • Installation methods: why isn't BT installing wired ports in junction boxes or even surface-mounted boxes? Right now, the installers drill a hole in the floor, stick the ethernet cable through, and terminate it with a plug.
  • Increasing public participation in BTAC meetings: advertise more widely? change the location?

b. Website Progress

4. Discuss & Vote to Approve Annual Report 


5. BTAC Management Report - 


6. Adjournment