Course Description

The goal of this course is to study different advance subjects in Information Retrieval. Students prepare different topics and present them in class.


 Topic Presenter
1. Information retrieval overview:
1.1 Modeling
1.2 Indexing and searching

Jaime Penagos
Andrés Velandia
 Indexing, Searching & Efficiency
2. Mathematical foundations of IR
2.1 Quantum information retrieval [Rijs04]
2.2 Lattice algebra for IR [Dom08]
Edwin Niño
Jorge Camargo
 The Geometry of IR
 Lattice Algebra for IR
 3. Efficient implementation of IR systems
Jose Guillermo Moreno
Alejandro Riveros
 4. Parallel and distributed IR systems
Alejandro Riveros
Rodolfo Torres
 5. Multimedia retrieval
Jaime Penagos
Rodolfo Torres
 Adaptive Video Indexing and Retrieval
6. Probabilistic information retrieval

[Manning08] Chapter 11 (pdf html)
Paper: Probabilistic relevance ranking for collaborative filtering
7. Matrix decompositions & latent semantic indexing
[Manning08] Chapter 18 (pdf html)
Paper: An analysis of latent semantic term self-correlation (draft)
8. Link analysis [Manning08] Chapter 21 (pdf html)
Paper: Generalizing PageRank: damping functions for link-based ranking algorithms
9. Language models for information retrieval [Manning08] Chapter 12 (pdf html)
Paper:  An empirical study of gene synonym query expansion in biomedical information retrieval
10. Evaluation in information retrieval  [Manning08] Chapter 8 (pdf html)
Paper: Information retrieval system evaluation: effort, sensitivity, and reliability
11. Multimodal information retrieval
 Paper 1: Optimal multimodal fusion for multimedia data analysis
Paper 2: Latent semantic fusion model for image retrieval and annotation
12. Music retrieval
 Paper 1: Multimodal Music Mood Classification Using Audio and Lyrics
Paper 2: Content-Based Music Information Retrieval: Current Directions and Future Challenges


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(book website)
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