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Project at a Glance:

Blessed Sacrament School adds Religion and Arts to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) acronym. Through this innovative approach to curriculum design, BSS is empowering a community of learners, who are intellectually adaptable to the constantly changing workplace and world. Our commitment to implementing STREAM was established in the spring of 2013.  

Blessed Sacrament will inspire and “ignite” the appreciation of the STEM/STREAM disciplines, while fostering innovative thinking. The school staff strives to provide students with the core knowledge and skill-sets necessary to explore professional opportunities in STEM/STREAM related fields.  


School leadership has aligned our STREAM program with the STEM School Standards offered by the State of NC. This website contains authentic artifacts and supporting documentation.

In the Fall of 2014 BSS was recognized as a NC STEM School of Distinction.



STREAM is Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics themed Education Model developed by the  Staff of BSS.   We strive to build  unique and effective learning community that addresses the needs of all students.  
Project & Problem based learning activities are aligned with the Common Core, Next Generation Science, and Diocese of Raleigh Core Curricular Standards. 

The BSS STREAM initiative will be implemented across all subject areas: social studies, the arts physical education and music.  Special emphasis will be given to the integration of literacy across all STREAM domains. 

The STREAM initiative produces a spiritual and well rounded scholar  prepared  for the economic and social demands of the 21st Century.


With a strong focus on project & problem based learning, staff and support community members use research based strategies to facilitate the delivery of a rigorous STREAM program: Curriculum Integration and Cross-Grade Curricular Articulation.

Curriculum Integration is a teaching strategy that eliminates the boundaries between individual subject areas. Classroom activities are integrated and make connections between subject areas.  For example, a study of area and dimension in mathematics can provide an opportunity to research in science class and design in art class as students create a community garden. 

Cross-Grade Curricular Articulation is the logical progression of learning objectives from grade level to grade level, from course to course, within each discipline.  Articulation requires close collaboration by staff across all grades.  For a student to successfully progress from Grade 6 to Grade 7, they will have been exposed to and have mastered all the necessary prerequisites in Grade 6 for success in Grade 7.     

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