Welcome To Alaska!

    Welcome to Alaska! We are so excited that you chose to teach and live in our school district. People move to Alaska for a zillion different reasons. Regardless of the research before taking a job and moving somewhere new, there are always some unexpected surprises. Like choosing a Christmas gift at the company party, you never know what you get until it is unwrapped. Alaska has many gifts for you to unwrap. Most will be pleasant..but a few, well, maybe not so much.
    We would like you to enjoy the transition from Cheechako to ole' Sourdough. Like the early miners  rushing to Alaska, newcomers continue to experience a huge learning curve when transitioning to a new home and a new way of life. Our deepest desire is for you to be successful and enjoy your new home. Unlike the gold miners of yesteryear, we have traveled this path before you. We are here to help you get started and help you avoid the pitfalls and stress of the unknown.
    Use this website and share your ideas on the forum page. You are not alone; many Alaskans have made this transition. Today you have help all around you.  Join the Welcome Wagon in July to help wrap up loose ends before arriving at your new home. Share ideas with other new teachers. Contact us and we will also help you in every way possible. Most of all, don't worry too much. Nobody gets it perfect the first time; have fun and enjoy the ride.