Sites Introductory Information

  • This section, as the name says, covers general introductory information relating to setting up a GAA club website on the Google Sites platform.
  • Given you are already looking at this topic, it might seem a little redundant to start with a section devoted to the fundamental question of just why exactly a GAA club should have a website. However we feel it's worthwhile thinking about this question before you start developing your website so that you'll have some idea of what it is you're hoping to ultimately achieve. We also cover why we think Google Sites is the best way to go about setting up a GAA website. We cover the area of an IT committee and why we feel this is the best way for a GAA club to organise their technology processes as opposed to having a single lone wolf approach. We touch on the area of good website design and we also cover the topic of what you need to do put your site live on the internet once you are happy with the layout and content. The Important General Information section covers some vital knowledge we feel you should know related to the topic of setting up a GAA club website on the Google Sites platform.
  • We would recommend that you start with the section on why a GAA club should have a website and work through the guide in the order set out below by clicking the next button. Later on if you want to refer back to any of the individual sections you can either click the relevant link below or in the sidebar.
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