Privacy Settings for Individual Calendar Events

  • You can control the visibility of individual events on your calendar by selecting from the following options:
  • When this option is selected, the event's privacy setting will mimic the calendar's privacy setting. That is, if the calendar in question is private, all of the events scheduled on that calendar will be private by default. The same concept applies to public calendars. The following two options allow you to control the visibility of specific events on public, private, and shared calendars.
  • For public or shared calendars, select this option to make sure only you and other calendar owners (those with "Make changes to events" privileges and higher) can see the event and its details.
  • This option will make the event's details available to those with free/busy access to your calendar. If you're sharing your calendar's free/busy information with a specific person or with the world, this setting will enable them to view all of the details for the specific event. Please note that selecting this option will not make the event's details available in public search indexes.