Using the Google GAA mail system

  • This section covers some of the basic questions that users have in relation to how to complete various common tasks in the Google GAA email system. It covers some of the basic procedures used to complete some of the standard tasks as well as providing useful background information relating to how the email system works.
  • If you are new to using Google mail, we would recommend that you start with the section on composing an email and work through the guide in the order listed below. You're not going to know how to do everything mentioned when you've completed this reading but you will have a good overview of the system. This will mean that you will know what the system is capable of even if you don't necessarily know how to complete all of the procedures. Later on if you want to complete one of the processes, you can always refer back to the relevant section.
  • Even if you are familiar with the Google mail system, it might be worth your while browsing through the guide as there is a good chance you will come across information that will improve your email experience.
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  • The Gmail Help Centre covers all of these areas as well as covering many more areas that will enable you to get the most out of your Gmail account.To access the Gmail Help Centre click on the link