Password Reset Procedure

  • On occasion it may become necessary that the password for a email account needs to be reset.
  • In order to get the password for a email account reset you need to send an email to
  • For security reasons, we cannot send reset information to a non email address.
  • If it is a club officer email password that is being reset we would normally send the reset password to one of the other club officer accounts i.e. if a password for a account is reset, we would send it to either the or account. 
  • In the event that these other club accounts are not yet activated, the default option is that we send it to the relevant IT officer for the county. The email address for each county's IT officer is in the format 
  • On occasion it may prove more efficient to have the password reset information sent to a different email rather than the county IT Officer's address. In cases such as these, if you specify this when requesting the password reset it should make the procedure somewhat easier.