The CPD Calendar is in full swing and we have already received some fantastic feedback in relation to the courses attended thus far. Many more opportunities to partake in BSME courses are coming up, so please don’t miss out! Make sure you review the full list of courses below.

The biggest success of the CPD calendar so far has been the inaugural Annual Leadership Conference at RSB on the 23rd & 24th November 2016. We had fantastic speakers such as Sugata Mitra, Roy Blatchford and Mark Evans, alongside a wonderful audience. RSB surpassed all expectations in terms of hosting too – especially the catering team!

The following Courses are fast approaching so book your places now!
We have a number of courses we still need to find hosts for. 

If you are interested in hosting any of the following courses, please let me know.

This term we have successfully delivered approximately 60% of our scheduled courses, a great improvement compared with year on year statistics, so thank you for your on-going support! We have also offered delegates fantastic opportunities to attend free webinars in a variety of different fields. We were overwhelmed by the number of delegates in attendance for our TA’s Webinar where we had in excess of 100 TAs present. Other offerings have included UCAS, Edexcel and IB updates. 
We are fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with Buckinghamshire Learning Trust. This led us to offering an NQT Mentor Training Programme earlier in the year at Qatar International School, which was very well received. Thanks so much to the team at QIS for their help with hosting. 

"Roxanne and Izzy worked in perfect symmetry to deliver an exceptionally enjoyable course"

Alan Smith, Assistant Headteacher
New English School, Kuwait

EdTechTeam came to Bahrain in late October to complete the Level 1 & 2 Bootcamps in order for delegates to move towards becoming a Google Certified Trainer. By all accounts the sessions were hugely informative and worthwhile due to the quality of the presenter, Kim Randall, and the great content. As always, St Christopher’s School offered a fantastic location for CPD, thanks goes out to all staff who helped run the event. 

"I am not sure I would have had the confidence to tackle the Google Educator Level 2 training without having had these solid foundations laid by the provider."

Jamie O'Dowd, Head of Year and Teacher of English - St Christopher's School

The Penta Inspection calendar was underway in the middle of November with our ISI Part 1 course at Sunmarke School JVT, Dubai. The course welcomed a large cohort, cementing the value in the course. BSME had our very own COO, Olivia Roth, in attendance and thus had positive feedback first hand. This was Sunmarke’s first experience of hosting, however, the school handled the course excellently. 

"Overall, this was an excellent CPD opportunity. Colin was very approachable and always willing to answer questions. I certainly learnt a tremendous amount and appreciate both his openness and enthusiasm. The overall presentation and information given over 2.5 was outstanding..."

James McBlane, Deputy Head British School Al Khubairat

Creating Outstanding Early Years delivered by Shonette Bason-Wood at Rashid School for Boys, SEN by Louise Dawson & Grainne Boyle at QIS and our BSME CPD Conference delivered by David Weston at the School of Research Science all ran very smoothly with great feedback. Once again thanks to the schools involved. 

Sam Fraser
CPD Coordinator