Visa Info for Summer Students

Hungary is one of the Schengen area countries which handle jointly their immigration policy and procedure. The set of Schengen countries does not equal to the set of countries of the European union: there is a non-empty intersection but neither contains the other. For a full list of Schengen countries see
The borders between Schengen countries are fully open, just like they are within the US when crossing from Ohio to Michigan, for example. Therefore once you enter any of these countries, you are free to travel within the Schengen region and any of these countries are entitled to issue the so-called Schengen visa (entry permit). This is exactly why getting a Schengen visa is so much controlled and therefore difficult (just like it may involve a lot of paperwork for non-US citizens to enter the US). 
A key fact is that as a summer student you will be spending less than 90 days in Hungary/the Schengen region. Therefore 
I. Citizens of the US, Canada and other eligible countries that have a visa-waiver agreement with the Schengen zone do not need a visa for stays up to 90 days if the primary purpose of their stay is tourism.
Thus you can come to Hungary without a visa however be prepared when asked by an Immigration Officer at a Schengen border to 
  • present your ticket out of the zone issued for a date that is less than 90 days away;
  • provide information on means of support;
  • provide a local address in Hungary for which use "Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Bethlen Gabor ter 2, Budapest, 1071 Hungary". (BSM will organize lodging for you, however since your address may change the last minute, please use the address given here.)
  • provide proof of medical insurance.
In addition, as with all international travel, make sure your passport is valid at least 6 months after your intended return.
II. Citizens of other countries.
  • You must obtain a C type (short term stay) visa at a Hungarian consulate. The information below is tailored to BSM students and is based on general information given by the Hungarian Consulate in New York at

You can start the visa process up to 90 days prior your departure for Hungary and we advise that you start as early as possible as getting a visa may be a lengthy process.
  • At consulates in the US it normally it takes up to 30 days to get a visa. At consulates in other parts of the world it may take even up to 60 days. 
  • Note,  that the US is divided into consular districts as shown by this link: 
  • Most of you reside in north eastern states, and those can and should apply to the New York Consulate, while people from e.g. Georgia and Virginia at the Washington consulate and students from California or the West Coast in Los Angeles.
    • Once again,  get an appointment for a visa interview from your appropriate Hungarian consulate as soon as possible (now!) as there may be a long wait period for an appointment.
  • Note that all applicants will file their application personally at a Hungarian consulate, whether in the US or at home, as they will be fingerprinted.
Here is the link to get your appointment:
    Email which consulate you will be applying for the visa at as well as your appointment date as soon as you get it to Agnes Szilard at
    • For your visa application you will  need 
          1. a properly filled our visa application form (downloadable from the consulates web page at,  Note that for legal resons (as BSM is not a Hungarian educational institution)  on line 21 of the visa application "other" should be marked and state: "participate in the  Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program"
          2. a photo of yourself  (1 passport-size color photo not older than 6 months)
          4. you will have  to pay  approximately  80 USD visa process fee (cash or money order)   (or the negotiated fees for Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine: 47 USD).- DOUBLECHECK WITH THE CONSULATE that these fees are still current!
          5. non-US, Canadian citizens: proof of legal US status (visa or green card) -- if you are applying in the US
          6. your purchased air ticket
          7. proof of travel insurance for the period you stay in Hungary (providing cover for at least $ 50.000 during your stay in Europe for any medical and repatriation expenses)
          8. proof of financial resources (like a bank statement)
          • As part of the supporting documents for your visa application you will need the acceptance documents you have got from the BSM American office as well as  two letters issued by the Budapest office of BSM:
          • proof of accommodation and 
          • * a Hungarian acceptance letter.

          • Our letters will take care of the "official invitation/enrollment" and the housing requirement for the visa applications. 
          • We will send these letters directly to the consulates you apply for a visa at (that is why we  need to know which Hungarian consulate you are applying at).
          • In addition, you will receive copies of these letters for your records, you will need to do nothing with them but  take these letters with you for your interview at the consulate and also when travelling to Hungary.
          • Once approved, your visa is stamped in your passport and mailed back to you, if you leave your passport at the consulate (this is the usual procedure in the US). Alternatively, you can mail in your passport once your visa is ready and get it mailed back with the visa in it OR return for your visa stamp in person. 
          • Let us know if you have any questions by email to 

          • Agnes Szilard
          • associate director
          • Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Budapest