The Five Themes of Geography: A Webquest

Have you ever learned about something that--once you knew about it--you end up seeing it everywhere? It was like that when Mr. Stucker learned about the shape of a maple tree leaf (This was years ago!) From that point on, he didn't just see "trees" when we walked down the street--he saw maple trees!

The Five Themes of Geography are just like this. Once you learn about them, you start seeing them everywhere! 

The first step is the KNOWLEDGE QUEST.

Here, you'll get to demonstrate your understanding of the Five Themes.

(If you don't feel like you're quite ready for the "KNOWLEDGE QUEST," you can review the Five Themes by navigating to the "Review" link, on the sidebar to the left. (HINT: It's under "Home."))

  READY?       SET?        LET'S GET STARTED!

1.) How would you describe the relative location of the "Dana Centre?"

2.) How would you describe the absolute location of Hunt Middle School?

3.) Look at the photograph below... Look carefully!

How would you describe this place?   

4.) Next, look at the image below...

The U.S. is often thought of as being split into five regions.
Can you think of another way to divide our country into different regions? 
What would your regions be based on?

5.) Next, look at the image below...

What is going on in this picture?
How is the land affecting humans?
How are humans affecting the land?

6.) Next, look at the image below:

How does this picture represent "movement?"
What do you think is actually going on in this picture?

Once you've finished the six questions,

check in with a teacher.

After you've been told you're done with the questions,
it's time to start the WEBQUEST!

Click on the WEBQUEST link on the navigation sidebar, to the left!