What are Thoughtful Thursdays?

What's a Thoughtful Thursday you ask?  Every Thursday, during homeroom, students are asked to reflect on or discuss short prompts related to diversity, community, bullying, well-being or current events.  Prompts originate from the Guidance office and / or students and student groups who wish to contribute.  It's a unique opportunity for our EMS community to increase dialogue about meaningful and sometimes hard to talk about topics. There is no such thing as a wrong or right discussion. With respect and appropriate guidelines (such as one person talks at a time, confidentiality, don't use names, everyone has fun, etc.)  all discussions are productive! 

We encourage parents  and guardians to continue this dialogue with your EMS student at home and in the community.
Stay tuned to the EMS website for weekly Thoughtful Thursday prompts!

Thoughtful Thursday
October, 17 2013

Students were asked to read a poem from Swimming Upstream by Christine O'Connell George. 
After reading this poem, students were asked the following questions:

1. Have you ever felt this way?
2. What does the author mean by the term, jigsaw year?

Which Lunch Table?
Where do I sit?
All my friends
from last year
have changed
my world is


Where do I fit?
Nothing in clear.
Can already tell
this will be
a jigsaw year.