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Inserting Youtube Video/Music Into a powerpoint

(see the attachment below for a printer friendly version)


      1. Copy youtube link/address ( by right-clicking it and chossing copy.

      2. Open youtube downloader program (get it from if missing)

      3. Paste it into Youtube downloader program

      4. Select the destination folder for saving the video. I choose desktop.

      5. OK

      6. Choose “Convert Video” option on the Youtube downloader

      7. Choose where the video is located, same folder you saved it in the step 4. (Desktop)

      8. In “Convert to”choose the format “Windows Media Video” for Video and “MPEG Audio Layer MP3” for Music

      9. OK

      10. Wait to get the “Successful”notification

      11. Open up your power-point

      12. Choose your slide

      13. Insert

      14. Movie and Sounds

      15. “Movie from File” for Video or “Sound File” for music


  1. Copy youtube link

  2. In power point Highlight the word you want to make a link

  3. Choose “Insert”

  4. Hyperlink

  5. Click The Globe icon

  6. In the new browser window paste the link into web address box

  7. Minimize the browser window

  8. Click “OK” on the “Edit Hyperlink” window

Amy Truchon,
Jan 19, 2010, 12:30 PM