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Professional Development

DOE Publications and Resources:

  • Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities

  • Content Area Grade Expectations

 ISTE ISTE is the  International Society for Technology in Education
National Technology Standards for Teachers and Students
 The Champlain Valley Educator Development Center provides a complete listing of professional development opportunities in our region.
 VITA-Learn Vermont Information Technology Association for the advancement of Learning
See Program Descriptions for Vermont Fest 2009
 GED 527 V: The Literacy Technology Connection
A link to the class website Ged527V- resources related to to reflective writing and digital storytelling
 K-12 STEM Lesson Plans and Curriculum ideas 
 Curriki is a wiki for curriculum ideas.  Browse by subject and find multiple lesson ideas all on the topic or standard you are trying to address.

Under a single topic you may find PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, worksheets, online resources etc. All in the same place :)

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