Calendar of Events:
The calendar provides the dates of class instruction, topic and due dates. 

Our Calendar of Assignments:

6th Planbook

The purpose of this site is to provide support for the sixth grade students of L.C. Hunt Middle School who are enrolled in music.  There will be three components  to a student's music grade:  composition, guitar, and a folder.
Permission Form:  All students will need to have a signed permission slip.

Cavans and Jupitergrades:
I will be using Canvas and Jupitergrades.  Both are online gradebooks that provide a password protected access to your grades.  Your parent/guardians will be provided with a password protected login that they can use to monitor your progress.  Parent/guardian passwords are given to the student the first day of class.  The dissemination of the parent/guardian passwords is the responsibility of the student. 
Due dates are given so that regular progress with the assignments can be maintained throughout the duration of the course.  Students will be required to stay after school on the due date to complete assignments not finished in class.
Contacting Mr. Korman:
Parents may contact me through e-mail at tkorman@bsdvt.org or by phone: 865-5317.  I always respond within 24 hours.  Email is an unreliable means of communication.  If you e-mail me and I do not respond with in 24 hours, please telephone me at the school.  Several e-mail systems block the gmail domain.  Even though I have responded, you will not receive the e-mail.  If you telephone, please leave a message with the phone number where you can be reached between 3:00 and 3:30.