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What would you like to know about the proposal to get a laptop/iPad or other device
for students at Burlington High School and the two middle schools, Edmunds and Hunt?

You might want to start with the Basic Proposal, or look at the Pilot Studies that we have been doing over the past three years to learn more about the impact on Burlington Students.  There are also links to reports from other groups that have studied one-to-one programs.

You might want to review the Road Map, which delineates ten themes that must be addressed in planning and implementation.  If all of these are not considered the odds of success are significantly lowered.  There are also a lot of External Resources that we refer to as we consider how to address these ten items.

You might want to look at the Professional Development work we currently do with our faculty, and hear how they plan to transform their curriculum. 
Or, you might want to look at Interviews with teachers, students, and others about their experiences, and their perspective on the value of the proposal.

You should look at the Budget Information, as this proposal represents a significant continuous investment for our students.

Finally, if you still have questions, look at the Frequently Asked Questions page.  Hopefully the answer will be there.  If not, send a note to the webmaster.

 BSD Proposal Information
  •     Road Map -- ten themes that must be addressed for successful one-to-one implementations
  •     Pilot Studies -- results of pilot one-to-one programs currently operating in Burlington Middle Schools
  •     Professional Development -- currently existing technology professional development and exemplars of the work from our faculty.
  •     Interviews -- Accounts of impact of technology on student work
  •     Budget Modeling -- financial models for different implementation scenarios
  •     FAQ -- frequently asked questions
Other Internal Resources

 External Resources

    Economic Need
    Project Red Report of 997 Schools
    Pedagogical Underpinnings of Successful Integration:  Lessons from Maine
    Information on currently operating one-to-one programs

    News and Journal Reports of one-to-one initiatives across the nation
    On Point: The Digital Future Of Textbooks

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who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

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