Ron MacNeil-  
-History and Psychology 
-Advisor for Model United Nations
-Advisor for National History Bowl

BAFA- University of New Mexico

M.Ed.- Saint Michael's College

Room C-104


History Goes to the Movies Expectations

PSYCHOLOGY Study Materials:
Day 1: Goal Setting, Nervous System, the Neuron
    -Prezi presentation: Neurons and the Nervous System
    -Homework: Brain Parts reading and Guided Notesheet
Day 2: Brain Lobes and Structure
       -Check in Quiz #1: Neuron and Nervous System
Day 3: Hindbrain, Midbrain and Forebrain
    -Check in Quiz #2: Brain Damage     What the Lobe?!
    -Clock face Activity: Blurbs    Descriptions
    -Homework: It's One Amazing Machine reading pg 1    2    3    4
Day 4: Endocrine System, Brain Scans, Neurotransmitters
    -Presentation Info: Assignment Sheet    Rubric    Terms List
TO STUDY: Jeopardy

20th Century History Assignments
History Goes to the Movies:
  • Write 2-3 paragraph newspaper article on the movie All the President's Men using your notes from class