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To connect to information about the eclipse on August 21, try out these links:

 Eclipse  Resources

Safety Message-      

  *   Handheld Eclipse Pinhole Fan- 

  *   Eclipse Pinhole Postcard-   

  *   NASA Science (15) One pagers-  

  *   NASA Total Eclipse 2017 Flickr Gallery-  

  *   Eclipse Infographic- 

  *   3D Pinhole Projector Files (added Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands)-     

  *   2D Pinhole Projector Files (added Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands)-          

  *   Mobile Apps-             

  *   Homeschool page-     

  *   Eclipses and Music page-      

  *   The Moon’s Role in a Solar Eclipse video- 

  *   GLOBE Observer Eclipse App video-          

  *   NASA Jets Chase the Total Solar Eclipse video- 

  *   NPS Resources-       

 *   Forest Service map-             

  *   Airports in the Path of Totality map-           

  * GLOBE Eclipse Card-      

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             The Solar System and Beyond!     

Watch the Earth go through a year in twelve seconds
          A year goes by in twelve seconds!
 Planet Facts -
    All you ever need to          know!
 WWIIFollow-uplink.  The Axis Powers

  ISpread Sheet Challenge I  Eureka Spreadsheet
A new way to do an old problem!

 Try this interactive site to practice your Spanish!!! 

Click on "Visit ___ Web." 
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Then "Spanish."