Solstice Team News

Language Arts:

Students are learning elements of a story.
  • We are writing a creative story using dialogue and literary elements.
  • We are reading and discussing books in groups about different societies.
  • We are reading 150 minutes a week and identifying different elements in our books.
  • We are looking back at our writing over the year (or two) and seeing how we improved.


  • Seventh graders are completing an intensive (and fast!) unit on geometry. They will be finishing up the year with a small unit on statistics and then some yearly review. 
  • Eighth graders continue to look at various types of relationships: linear, exponential, inverse, and quadratic. They will finish the year with a unit on probability and then some yearly review work. 
  • Some of our eighth graders continue to work their way through an Algebra class.

Social Studies:

  • Students are finishing persuasive letters, applying three ancient Chinese philosophies to organizations they know

  • In early May, we will host three guest presenters who practice Chinese acupuncture, qi gong, tai chi, herbalism, and other forms of healing

  • After ancient China, our last “ancient world” unit this year will focus on ancient Greece


  • We are learning about the different kinds of energy with more attention to heat, electricity, and light.

  • Students will build circuits to learn about how electricity works!

  • To finish the year, we will do a unit on motion including velocity, acceleration, and momentum.

  • Also, the 8th graders will be taking the NECAP science test May 16 and 17. The test's content includes the Vermont Grade Level Expectations for kindergarten through eighth grade.

Students of the Month:

Alicia B

Adriyel G