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Practice Journal and Playing Test Information

  You will have one practice journal due at the end of each quarter. Please answer each of the questions on your practice journal in writing, and hand it in, on paper or digitally (see instructions on the journal), by the day it is due. Keep it in your folder, so you don’t lose it. Turning practice journals in is required, and graded. Share your answers and thoughts with your orchestra classmates; doing so can help each other’s progress!
  You will also have one progress assessment (playing test), per quarter.
  Remember, if it is challenging to find practice time at home, you can come for practice help before school, or during SSS (ask Mr. Hakim for a pass during orchestra rehearsal). You can also ask Mr. Hakim any questions you have at any time. HAVE FUN! PLAY ON!

Below is current playing test information and excerpts, and attached as files further below are the rubric we will often use for progress assessments, and a blank copy of the current practice journal. 

EMS 6th Grade Orchestra Playing Test - Quarter 4 - 2013-14

7th/8th Grade Orchestra Playing Test - Quarter 4 - 2013-14

Michael Hakim,
May 9, 2013, 7:01 AM