Welcome to the EMS Community Outreach page.

News and Updates:
To learn about student trips and activities out and about in the community you can either read below or visit the bulletin board in the main lobby.  

Every Friday from 8:15-9:00 in the Library students in Mrs. Gatch's Math class servce some of the best tasting coffee in Burlington at very reasonable prices.  The cafe began in February as a way to teach students to make change and engage families and teaching in conversation.  All proceeds from the cafe will support the Unicorn Fund, an EMS fund that supports students in need at our school.  So far the group has raised about $100 while learning math.  That's real world, relevant, and engaging curriculum at it's finest!

 Congratulations to EMS On Fire Chefs Christopher, Isaac, Eva, Malin, and Coach Farineau for participating in the 6th Annual Junior Iron Chef Vermont.Competition. They competed against teams from across the state by preparing a vegetarian recipe which included five local ingredients. Click here to see their recipe for Beet Soup (otherwise known as Pink Potato Soup).


 Mrs. Gatch's "Tea and Topic" class went to UVM's Pottery Coop to learn how to make mugs.  They are using their mugs in their class to deepen the conversations and feel more ownership over the class.  

Thanks UVM for volunteering your time and space to make this happen for our students!


Every year Champlain College students work with teachers and individual students to provide tutoring and academic support.  To celebrate the partnership Champlain College invites our EMS students to a lunch and tour of the campus.  This past Friday, December 7th, seventeen of our students visited the campus and were treated to an awesome lunch.  While at Champlain, EMS students talked about going to college and what they might need to do now to prepare for success later in life.  The highlight was "getting to have fourths!"  

 Matt Chandler's 6th grade class has a partnership with local merchants in Burlington.  Each semester students will display different pieces of work in storefronts.  The goal of the project is have the community learn more about our amazing EMS students.  See this video of student work out in the community this Fall.

Identity Student Store Partnership final.wmv

 Mrs.  Gendimenico's ELL students are learning about their community and how they can make a difference!  Students have visited City Market, the Firehouse, and are drawing maps of their neighborhood!