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My own teaching

Tellagami is an app for ipad or iphone that I've just started using to have my beginning ELL students work on writing (reporting out on non-fiction books) and reading fluency. Check out some from my students:


Making Paper:
Mapping North America: https://tellagami.com/gami/JBR2HX
Compare Size and Weight: https://tellagami.com/gami/15WZUN
Colorful Leaves: https://tellagami.com/gami/2MBL47/
Scary shark report: https://tellagami.com/gami/RGINBV/
Civilization: https://tellagami.com/gami/4SRBV5
Chickens: https://tellagami.com/gami/WMIY0H/
Geography: https://tellagami.com/gami/8VZC91/
Animal Records: https://tellagami.com/gami/W22oD6/
Helen Keller: https://tellagami.com/gami/Z6ELG2/
And Dinosaurs.... Once by my student, and once by a tellagami voice!