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AMREF USAHOME PAGE To decrease sickness in over 25 countries in Africa.
AFRICA NEEDS HOME PAGE To stop waterborne diseases in Africa.
AFRICARE HOME PAGE Africare addresses needs in these areas: Food security, Health, water/sanitation, and emergency humanitarian assistance. 
EquinetHOME PAGEA network of professionals who have come together to promote and and realize shared values equity and social justice in health.
Global Alliance for AfricaHOME PAGEAn organisation dedicated to educating the next generation of nurses in Africa.

 Videos (Direct Links) (5):
Disease and Sanitation in C.A.R.This video talks about different kinds of diseases in the Central African Republic
Ghana WASHH ProjectThis video shows how unsafe it is to live in Ghana because of how easy it is to get a disease.
Diseases among Black WomenThis video talks about three different typed of common diseases in Africa
Neglected Diseases in Africa This videos talks about how kids are tested for diseases and more...
Diseases in AfricaA 6 minute slideshow listing facts and info about African diseases

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Waterborne DiseasesARTICLE URLA quick article listing information and facts about waterborne diseases.
Diseases weigh down in UgandaARTICLE URLAn article talking about many people being affected by diseases in Uganda.
 Measles and water-borne disease outbreaks in Horn of Africa and Kenya worries World Health Organization  ARTICLE URLThis article is about measles and waterborne diseases out breaking in the Horn of Africa.
Ebola ARTICLE URL This article talks about Ebola: Africa's bloody disease. I really don't want to describe anymore...
 MonkeyPox ARTICLE URL An article about MonkeyPox found for the first time in Africa.

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Diseases in AfricaThis site includes tons of content about different types of diseases
African disease statisticsHere are a bunch of statistics about African diseases
The Clawed Frog DiseaseInfo on the African clawed frog disease. Very interesting...
 Diseases in Central Africa A bunch of diseases and what they are.
 Nigerian Major Infectious diseases
 Infectious diseases in Nigeria that are the most serious.