Welcome to the Dinner at Aunt Connie's House WebQuest!  Please read and follow all instructions written in red.

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What does this quote mean?

"Women have made up half the human race but you could never tell that by the books that historians write."
-Arthur Schlessinger, Jr.

Step 2:  Read introduction below and then click on the TASK link on the top right of the screen.  Use this menu on the top right to navigate through the webquest.
This is a WebQuest based on the book, Dinner at Aunt Connie's House by Faith Ringgold.  The purpose is to explore voice and heroism in the context of great women in history that are highlighted in Faith Ringgold's book.

This WebQuest was designed as a collaborative project between a 4th Grade teacher and a Library Media Specialist at the Integrated Arts Academy at H.O. Wheeler in Burlington, Vermont. 

  •  Designed for use in grade levels 3-5.
  • This is an integrated arts lesson which meets both literacy objectives and visual art objectives, as well as developing research skills. 
  • Autumn Bangoura, 4th Grade Teacher and Amy Cudney, Library Media Specialist

This template was created by Patricia McGee and Deborah Claxton from the work of Bernie Dodge.