Counseling Services

The School Guidance Counselors, SAP Counselor and Prevention Coordinator, School Psychologist, Social Workers and Outpatient Therapists all work closely together to support the social, emotional and academic success of students.   Our collective goal is to create an inclusive school environment where every child feels a strong sense of belonging; where students feel respected and empowered.   We work to support the well-being of kids so that they feel encouraged and inspired to contribute positively to the diverse fabric of our school and greater community.   Collaborating with families, teachers and any other supports in teens' lives is integral to this team approach.   While each of us provides counseling, our services do differ and we encourage you to visit each of our web pages to understand what we each offer to students and families.  

We welcome your feedback regarding this webpage.   If you have any questions, concerns, criticisms or compliments to share, please email Meredith Hoisington at   Please indicate the webpage in the title.


In addition to individual counseling and small groups, we work with students, families and faculty to provide a variety of programming.   The amount of programming versus direct student service varies from one counselor to another, depending on job expectations.   With some of these events, there is quite a lot of collaboration between counselors.   Please keep in mind that the people listed are intended as main contacts for these programs or events.

6th Grade Guidance Groups/ Meredith Hoisington
Every 6th grader meets with Meredith as part of a small group for 3 weekly sessions. Topics include navigating peer relationships, assertiveness skills and diversity awareness 

Classroom Guidance Lessons (upon request)/ Pat Hulbert, Meredith Hoisington, Angela Shea and Angela Halsted

National Day of Silence/ Betsy Nolan
One day in April when students do not speak as a way to stand up for the cruelty that LGBTQ students experience

Dialogue Nights/ Meredith Hoisington and Angela Halsted
Two evening events per school year where students and parents meet to discuss issues that are relevant to adolescence.   Specific group of students is trained to facilitate.   Each table has a mix of parents, students and student-facilitators.   Fun, lively, enlightening evenings with great discussions, food and door-prizes. 

Evening Parent Workshops/ Meredith Hoisington
Topics include cyber safety, avoiding power struggles, tips for improving parent-child relationships

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)/ Ella Kaplan   

Parent Volunteering/ Jess McCloud
Please contact Meredith Hoisington if you are interested in being a parent volunteer at EMS.

Red Ribbon Week/ Angela Halsted   

Scheduling/ Pat Hulbert
Please contact Pat Hulbert with any scheduling questions or concerns.

School Parent Information Nights/ Meredith Hoisington and Pat Hulbert
Two Informational evening presentations in the spring for parents whose students are going from 5th to 6th grades and 6th to 7th grades

School-Wide Community-Building Activities/ Jess McCloud

Social Thinking Groups / Ella Kaplan and Meredith Hoisington

Tie One On Campaign/ Angela Halsted  

VKAT (Vermont Kids Agains Tobacco)/ Angela Halsted , VKAT meets Wednesday mornings from 7:45-8:10 in Josh Safran's room on the second floor.   

One resource listed repeatedly is a local website called the Students First Project.   "The Students FIRST Project is a county wide collaboration of schools, families, mental health and other child serving systems working together to ensure that all Chittenden County children, youth, and their families have the social and emotional supports and services they need for healthy development and school success.   One goal of the Students FIRST Project is to increase school, family, and community access to quality mental health information and resources."   This local site offers information on a wide variety of topics and we encourage you to research it yourself at