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Amazing resource from Scholastic right now, broken down by subject area and grade. Outstanding.
This site is written and maintained by the librarian at the Sustainability Academy.   This blog exists to share children’s books that focus on the big ideas of sustainability -  for students, teachers, parents, and experts in the field.
UVM's Onearth Library
Multicultural and environmental themed books on loan to UVM students, faculty, staff, and community members! Browse through the book catalog and send them an email  if you would like to request a book.

50 Multicultural Books Every Child Should Know

Lee & Low Books
These books fulfill the requirements of national standards. Their Active Learner Classroom Guides are FREE for classroom use and are available in both on-line format and as downloadable PDFs.
Active Learner Classroom Guide Common Features:
  • Reading Levels and Themes
  • Story Synopsis and Background Information
  • Special Teaching Tips
  • Pre-Reading Focus Questions
  • Exploring the Book
  • Setting a Purpose for Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • After-Reading Discussion Questions
  • Literature Circles
  • Reader's Response
  • Other Writing Activities
  • ELL/ESL Teaching Strategies
  • Interdisciplinary Activities
  • About the Author and Illustrator
  • Web Resources
 More Multicultural Literature Resources

Mitali's Fire Escape
A great blog from a children's book author about a safe place to talk about books between cultures