Online Publications

Diversity Digest                              
The Association of American Colleges and Universities publishes this quarterly newsletter highlighting promising diversity practices in higher education.                

Education Policy Analysis Archives                               
EPAA, a generally progressive peer-reviewed online journal, covers policy issues ranging from standardized testing to the conceptualization of "highly qualified teachers."                
Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education                               
EMME is a purely electronic magazine that publishes curricular tools and ideas, reviews of multicultural media, and scholarly essays on multicultural education. Each issue focuses on a particular theme, the most recent being "Urban Education and Reform."                
The Future of Children                                
The Packard Foundation sponsors this journal, fully available online, highlighting research that promotes child advocacy.                
Humanising Language Teaching (HLT)                               
This UK-based journal combines articles on theory and practice promoting a student-centered approach to language teaching. Common topics include multiple intelligences, bilingual education, and equity.                
In Motion                               
Produced by NPC Productions, In Motion uses a multicultural approach for exploring issues related to democracy. Sections of the magazine include "Affirmative Action," "Education Rights," and "Global Eyes." It is available in both English and Spanish.                
International Journal on Multicultural Societies                            
Multiculturalism, migration, and minority rights are the focus of this social science journal sponsored by UNESCO. Topics include language, religion, race, ethnicity, and other social justice issues, all from a global perspective.                
Multicultural Review
Though the site is primarily an advertisement for this quarterly journal for all people interested in remaining informed about trends and publications related to cultural diversity and multiculturalism, it also contains each issue's reviews of books, videos, and other educational resources.                
New Horizons Online Journal                               
This online journal on progressive educational issues uses quarterly themes. Recent issues have focused on education's role in the twenty-first century, research on ADD/ADHD, the power of storytelling, learning communities, and inclusive schools.                
Rethinking Schools Online                               
The line version of this journal, published by Rethinking Schools, a nonprofit publisher run by activist teachers, contains highlights from the print version. Rethinking Schools examines current educational issues and explores progressive solutions to educational problems.                
STANDARDS: International Journal of Multicultural Studies                               
Sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Equity at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Standards is a purely electronic journal that combines fiction and nonfiction writing along with resource reviews around topical themes. Recent themes have included "Complexities," "Pride," and "Education."                

Urban Educator
The Council of the Great City Schools runs this online publication covering a variety of issues related to urban education. The site also includes relevant reports and data, press releases, and a guide to promising practices.                
Urban Mozaik Magazine                               
This online and print journal is a celebration of human diversity, working toward a closer multicultural society in North America.