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Canvas Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do students or parents get help with Canvas login info?

        A: Frequently Asked Questions on BHS Website/Resources/FAQ

Q: How do I set course proficiency/outcome?

A: tinyurl.com/PBLwithCanvas

Q: How to view grades from other teachers

A: http://tinyurl.com/CanvasGradesfromOthers

Q: What do I do if I still have a problem in Canvas?

A: Login/Help/Report a Problem and forward an automated email with case# to Vitaliy Kulapin

Q: How to start an online discussion?

A: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10366

Q: How to import from previous year class?

        A: From your own course. Or from a colleague's one, step 1. Share to Commons, 2. Import from Commons

 Student, Faculty, and Parent Logins to Canvas and PowerSchool
One student visited me recently and was very frustrated that they couldn't log into PowerSchool. Turns out, they were trying to log into PowerSchool at Essex High School!  Generic web searches for 'Canvas' or 'PowerSchool' will not work!

The BSD links to Canvas and PowerSchool are on the main menu bar on the bhs home page. Pick student or staff accordingly.

5. Academic Advisor / Support roles have been created in Canvas. Contact Vitaliy to get setup.

There's more over there on the left sidebar... helpful info for Canvas, Chromebooks, and more!

We've whipped up a simple (and quick) Google Site for teachers at BHS and BTC to help with common questions and hopefully to conjure some thoughts on innovation.

There's more information below and the drop-down menus over there to the left have more in each category.

We'll be adding more helpful information as we go through the school year.


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Yah, we can do that too.

Need help with:
  • finding innovative contacts for your class? 
  • resources? 
  • explore new ideas for assignments
  • developing project based learning? 
  • assessment strategies (peer and teacher)? 
  • inquiry-based student projects? 
  • ... how about redesigning classroom workspace or workflow?

We can help!

Training available by Appointment!

Send us a note to schedule a time and at a meeting place that works for you and your schedule.

We're also available during PLC time to review things with your entire group. 

Contact information:

Vitaliy Kulapin