Both STOP and VKAT peer prevention groups are active and continue to plan prevention activities for Hunt Middle School.

 STOP (Students Together on Prevention) is a committed group of 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  STOP meets weekly before school and has been active in planning events this year. VKAT (Vermont Kids Against Tobacco) meets twice a month after school and the group works on school-based activities and collaborates with other VKAT groups around the state. Both groups started the year by sponsoring Red Ribbon Week (National Substance Abuse Prevention week) in which STOP and VKAT students implemented daily activities celebrating healthy decisions and providing information about drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  Activities included: lunch time poster contest, hallway trivia, and distributing of red ribbons and prizes.  A fall Dialogue Night was also sponsored by the groups and they are planning to host another spring Dialogue Night.   STOP sponsored a Spirit Week before December vacation with a successful student-teacher basketball game. 


On January 25th Hunt welcomed Linda Russell-Crosby to come and speak to Hunt students and staff about the consequences of drunk driving.  Ms. Russell-Crosby shared the story of driving in a car with her son when they were hit by a drunk driver.  Her son was killed and she was severely injured. STOP sponsored a Ghost Out Day to help raise awareness this serious issue


VKAT is busy planning a VKAT week in which the group plans to educate students and staff about topics such as: second hand smoke, “What’s in a cigarette?”, and nicotine. 


Upcoming activities include:  Wellness week, International Week, and a STOP dance. 

Questions?  Please contact Peggy Weaver, Student Assistance Counselor at 865-5378 or email at  pweaver@bsdvt.org