Phoenix Team News

Out students of the Month are:Morgan H, Madey M

  • 7th graders will be working on tables, graphs and linear relationships.
  • 8th graders will be working on mathematical models.
  • Phoenix scientists are learning all about energy. 
  • They have learned about potential and kinetic energy.
  • They just finished a project on the six types of energy.
  • Next they will be learning about heat transfer.
Social Studies:
  • Phoenix students have finished their unit on Ancient Egypt.
  • Students will study the geography of Africa.
  • Students will study some of the ancient kingdoms and empires of Africa.
  • Students will then study the Ancient Greeks.
  • Students will learn about the rise of Greek civilization, it's geography, governments (city-states), mythology, philosophy, architecture and development of democracy.
Language Arts:
  • Complete and perfect a four-or-five paragraph essay about the novel Stargirl and their own experiences in middle school.
  • Create a cartouche using hieroglyphics from ancient times.
  • Continue to read for homework 2 1/2 hours a week.
  • Begin analyzing Greek myths.