Course Length: 2 Semesters

Course Description:
This hands-on class is for anyone who wants to take better and more expressive photos and videos. Basics of composition, using a 35mm camera, film developing and enlarging are covered at the beginning.Students will then create exciting effects, mount photos, and deal with lighting situations. Students will also have the opportunity to explore many of the numerous aspects of photography. Plus, basic computer graphics and video camera operation will be covered. Students do not have to own a camera or other special equipment to take this class.

Course Outline:
I. Basic Camera Operation
II. Photographic Composition
III. Film Processing
IV. Photograms & Paper Processing
V. Contact Printing & Enlarging
VI. Depth of Field
VII. Motion-Blur
VIII. Correcting Technical Mistakes
IX. More on Photo Composition
X. Lighting
XI. Push Processing
XII. Goal-Setting & Career Exploration
XIII. Optional Assignments

Students will choose from a list of possible photo shooting assignments. The assignments can be career-oriented (sports photo, fashion photo, portrait photo) technically oriented assignments (night photo, special effects, copystand) or thematically based (100 paces from front door, all about me, photo essay, etc.)