Intro To Metals
Course Length: 1 Year
This class is designed for the beginning student in welding and metals. 85% of the class will be hands-on and 15% will be lecture on welding and metal procedures. Hands-on opportunities will be welding with new up-to-date arc, tungsten inert gas (TIG) and wire
feed, (MIG) welders. Students will learn to cut with the plasma cutter and conventional oxy-acetylene torch. Students will progress at a rate equal to their capabilities and desires. Grades will reflect craftsmanship, quality, safety and work ethics. Guest speakers from all avenues of the trade and post secondary opportunities will help students understand what is expected of them when they graduate.

Metal Fabrication

Course Length: 1 Year
Prerequisite–Intro to Metals
This class is designed for the student that wants to broaden their knowledge of the metal industry and work toward job entry applications. The class will be formulated toward the student's interests in three different areas of study:

1. Fabrication: Students will learn the techniques of designing and building approved projects. Examples: rails for skate boards or skis, gates, trailers, repair parts, aluminum welding, stainless welding, casting, forging and other parts of student design.

2. Computer: Students will be designing and building projects with computer programs, CNC Milling machines and Plasma Cam using the plasma cutter and stepper table. These programs are the basics for 3-D Fax.

3. Machining: Learn the basics of milling machines, lathes and machining processes.

90% of the class will be hands-on with the remaining time given to writing job applications, resumes, a referral letter about themselves and completing a 10 hr OSHA safety test. Speakers will visit the class representing how welding knowledge is needed in jobs such as machine shops, body shops, mechanics, maintenance, structural steel, pipe fitters, art and hobbies. Representatives from vocational centers and trade schools will speak on the future education for students. Speakers from the trades will discuss welding certification. On-site visits of various occupations will be conducted.