Teacher: Jess Stovall

Auto Mechanics I

This class is for all students who want to learn about autos and auto repair. Study areas will include auto care and comprehensive maintenance, tire mount balan
ce and repair, brake system diagnosis and repair and introduction to the use of diagnostic equipment. A very extensive unit in internal combustion engine principles is taught. The students will completely rebuild a small gasoline engine. Direct computer access to local automotive parts supply stores teaches how to identify and order the correct parts and supplies. The emphasis in this class is learning automotive basics through a hands-on experience. Major goals include team-working skills and creating an educated consumer.

Auto Mechanics II

Auto II Under Hood
Electrical Systems and Engine Performance
This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic electrical systems of the automobile. Starting systems, charging systems, lights and accessory wiring are all included. Electrical principles are discussed and extensive lab exercises and actual auto repair will be conducted. The engine performance portion includes engine tune, drivability malfunction diagnosis and computerized scan tool use. An automated chassis dynamometer will be used.

Students will have the opportunity to work on personal projects and school cars. Guest speakers from the local automotive business community will provide a career perspective to the class. School-to-work opportunities will be explored. Emphasis in this area is on the ability to learn and on building a strong work ethic.

Auto II Under Car

Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Suspension and steering component inspection and replacement will be taught. Computerized 4-wheel alignment using the latest equipment is an integral part of this course. Students will perform on car brake work and learn to use both bench mounted and on-car brake lathes. Diagnosis of anti-lock brakes will be done. Proper test, inspection and measuring procedures are taught and practiced.

Under Car or Under Hood classes can be taken independently and can be repeated for credit. State of the art equipment is used and All-Data on-line automotive reference material is used. On-line part ordering is also a part of the classroom program. Students learn proper team working skills, shop organization and management, workplace safety and will be exposed to a variety of career possibilities through guest speakers and field trips. An employability unit is included.

National Ford/AAA Finals