The Trades and Industries Department classes are designed to inform students how technological systems and their associated careers integrate into the modern workplace and our fast-paced society. Hands-on, minds-on activity-based classes and active lab environments allow students to use modern systems, manage resources and process materials. Students are asked to apply knowledge and creative thinking to design and create solutions to relevant, real world problems. Students also examine and assess the development, maintenance and use of technology as well as the resultant impacts its use causes to our culture, and environment. Our goals are for students to develop improved ability to follow specific detailed written directions, to schedule their own time, to follow through on projects, and to finish them on time. Whether our students are college or career bound, we ultimately want them to have some fun as they become effective members of a dynamic, progressive global community.

The following classes are offered by the BHS Trades and Industries Department and will help prepare students for college, vocational school or the job market. All courses listed meet the State vocational requirements for graduation.

NOTE: Higher-level elective classes may charge a lab fee for class supplies.