Naming Committee


Help us find a name for Elementary Number 8...
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On-line voting for the top 10 suggestions will start in early May.  Please check back to the website to find out which suggestions will make it to the top 10.  Thanks for your interest.

  • Process
    • Board of TrusteesPolicies 
      • #9250  Dedication of Facilities - District buildings, rooms, gyms, fields and other facilities may be named after persons who have attained international, national, state, or local prominence, or after persons who have made a significant contribution to the district, or after the geographic characteristics of the area in which the facility is located.
      • #9250P - The naming of a school shall take place in the following manner
    1. The Superintendent shall select a committee of at least five community members whose purpose it shall be to submit to the Board a list of not less than three, nor more than five, names for the new school.  The list shall briefly state, along with each name, why the committee nominated each name.  The committee may solicit nominations from students and the community.
    2. The committee shall, whenever possible, follow these guidelines:
      • Each name shall be known to, and significant to, the people of the District.
      • The names submitted shall not conflict with the names of other schools in the District or surrounding districts.
      • The use of names of living persons or persons whose death occurred within five years of the selection shall be avoided unless the circumstances warrant an exception.
    3. The Board shall select the name of the new facility from the list.
  • Committee Membership
    • Chairs: Robbye Hamburgh, Retired BSD7 Principal & Rob Watson, Superintendent
    • District Representation:  teachers, classified staff, administration
    • Parent Representation:  2 from EL8 Attendance Area, 2 At-Large Reps
    • Student Representation:  1 each from BHS, SMS, and CJMS
    • Community Representation: Media, Business, Historian
  • Timeline
    • 4/3-4/10 Committee invitations sent, committee members finalized
    • 4/15 - 4/26 Name suggestions collected through online form, link to be shared with teachers and community.
    • 4/24 First Committee meeting to review process/procedures.
    • 5/2 Second Committee meeting to cull suggestions down to top 10
    • 5/7 -  5/17 Online community voting on the top 10
    • 5/20  Final Committee meeting to review votes and finalize Board recommendation
    • 5/28 Special Noon Board meeting to vote on a name.
  • Community Vote
    • We will create an opportunity for the community to "vote" on the top-10 list.  The voting will be in an on-line format.  We will be releasing the names for a vote on Tuesday, May 7.
    • Please check back to this website for the electronic link for on-line voting.
  • Recommendation to Board of Trustees
    • It is anticipated that the names with the most votes will be taken to the board of trustees in a formal recommendation at the Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 28 at Noon.