Request a Peer Tutoring Session

The Writing Center is pleased to offer BHS students the opportunity to engage with a peer tutor for help with writing essays, reports, presentations, and the like. Our peer tutors are members of National Honor Society and have been trained with the help of MSU's Writing Center. They are themselves strong thinkers and writers, good communicators, informed tutors, and friendly and empathetic peers. They have been in your shoes.

These tutors want to help you better understand not just the assignment, but also your own writing. They are not responsible for getting you A's on your papers—or even C's. That is your job. They will not find and correct your mistakes. They will not 'fix' your papers. Rather, they will provide another set of eyes and ears; they will guide you through the process, discuss your content, and help you understand your weaknesses and discover your strengths. You will sharpen your writing skills and better understand the writing process at the same time. 

If you would like to schedule a session with a tutor, click on the link below to let us know what you need. Be sure to leave yourself enough time for a thoughtful and constructive session—or two. Or three. The more drafts you have to share with your tutor, the better feedback you will receive and the better grade you will earn. The link below will take you to our peer tutor page: 

Click on this link to begin the process: 

Once you have submitted the form, Ms. Munch will arrange a tutor for you and send you a confirmation email. 

We hope you will submit an evaluation of your experience (follow link below). You do not need to provide your name unless you choose to do so. We ask only that you let us know if you were satisfied with our program. We invite constructive feedback so that we can offer the best service we can.