Welcome to the BHS Writing Center!

BHS offers a number of computer labs designed for specific fields of study, such as business, math, photography, or music. Similarly, the BHS Writing Center—staffed by an English teacher—is dedicated specifically to writing. Instructors from all disciplines reserve seats for their classes for a variety of writing assignments and space is available for the student who seeks a quiet place to work. The Writing Center remains open throughout the day, including the lunch hour.

The BHS English Department adheres to the style guidelines put forth by the Modern Language Association (MLA) in the 8th edition of its handbook. The staff of the Writing Center, in turn, publishes a stylebook (and an addendum to that handbook) based on MLA, the BHS Writer's Handbook. Within its pages students and teachers will find help with revising and editing marks; style, grammar and punctuation; note taking; essays, annotated bibliographies, business letters, and resumes; research writing and documentation; and usage, spelling, and terminology. Classroom sets of both texts are available in every English classroom, and approximately 200 copies of the addendum are available for anyone wanting one. Students who prefer the online version will find PDFs of the handbook
        •   on each computer in the BHS Writing Center, room 253;
        •   at the BHS Berg Library Web site <https://bhs.bsd7.org/library
        •   from the Bozeman School District's home page <http://www.bsd7.org/>,
             via "Writing Center" link under the "Students & Parents" tab, and
        •   the link to the handbook in the sidebar at the left.

We no longer provide replacement copies of the handbook because it is available online. Take care of your handbook; the free copy provided this fall (and to subsequent freshman classes) will be the only print edition provided until the next revision, which is a few years away. You are, however, welcome to download and print what you need at home.

Creative Commons Copyright
The BHS Writer's Handbook and the content of these pages—unless otherwise noted—are the creative property of the Bozeman High School Writing Center and Bozeman School District 7 in Bozeman, Montana.  The Creative Commons copyright, provided below and throughout the handbook, means that the content provided is free to use, adapt, and/or share—without expectation of payment—provided that acknowledgment is given to the Bozeman High School Writing Center for having produced the original work.


Writing Center Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday

Writing Center Staff:

      Jean Munch                  Phone: (406) 522-6220                jean.munch@bsd7.org

     Pam Brown                   Phone: (406) 522-6233                pam.brown@bsd7.org