Weekly Update

April 16 - 20:
Smarter Balance tests period 2 and 3 all week.
Johnson HE:  Because of our testing schedule, we are on a modified schedule all week.  I will not have all 5 classes every day, but I should see all my classes at least 2 times this week.  We will take a written test over archery the first day that I see each class. If a student passes the written test, they will be ready to shoot in archery the second time I see them this week.  If they do not pass, they will have an opportunity to retake the test so that they can shoot the next time we meet.

Janssen C.A.: Because of testing, I will not be seeing CA students consistently this week. We will return to writing argument essays next week.

Janssen Social Studies: Students are researching five important people from the Renaissance period and creating "baseball cards" about each. The cards should include an image and important "stats" about each historical figure. Cards will be due Tuesday, April 24. 

April 9 - 11
Johnson HE:  We will be in the classroom on Monday continuing our study of drugs.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we will dress out and engage in an orientation of archery and begin shooting.  I am a certified instructor of archery and this will be the first year that we have an indoor range.  Safety is my highest priority.  Students are drilled on the shooting commands and I am vigilant in my supervision of students.
Janssen Communication Arts: Students continued their research on Monday. On Tuesday, we will discuss hooks and leads. Wednesday will be spent preparing our spring conference folder. I invite you to have your child log-in to our Google classroom to show you the work they have been doing in class. 
Janssen Social Studies: We begin exploring the Renaissance this week. 

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April 2-6:
Janssen Communication Arts: In preparation for writing their argument essay, students will be choosing an issue to research. They will begin research and will continue their research into next week.
Janssen Social Studies: Students will be writing a short narrative paper based on Crispin: The Cross of Lead. Due Friday, April 6.
Johnson: HE:  We will be in the gym finishing badminton on Monday and Wednesday. We have started drug education in the classroom and will be in the classroom on Tuesday and Thursday.  We start a in a new space on Friday which will be the auxiliary gym or the flex room.  We will continue in the classroom until we complete the drug education unit.

March 26-30:
Janssen Communication Arts: Students finished writing an ending for Liliana Heker's short story, "The Stolen Party." These narratives are due Tuesday, March 27. We then move on to the art of argument. Students will analyze several mentor texts and learn about the key components of writing argumentative texts. 
Janssen Social Studies: Students are continuing Crispin with the goal of finishing reading the text by Monday. I will be assigning a narrative based upon the text. 

Babcock - Looking for Pythagoras : Students this week will learn how to find the length of a line segment of a dot grid and the values of square roots and cube roots. They will have their Inv 1 & 2 quiz on Friday.

Babcock - Moving Straight Ahead: Students are preparing for their unit test of Thursday and Friday. The beginning of the week will be dedicated to preparing them for their unit tests. Encourage them to complete the suggested study problems and review their past quizzes.

Babcock - Social Studies: The students are finishing up learning about Medieval Europe and will start to explore the Renaissance through a research project.

March 19-23:
Janssen Communication Arts: Students will be reading, and discussing, "The Stolen Party" by Liliana Heker this week. On Thursday, they will be writing an alternate ending for the story. This will be completed in our Google classroom, due Tuesday, March 27.

Janssen Social Studies: Students continue to read the historical fictional novel, Crispin, to gain insight and understanding of Medieval Europe. Questions about vocabulary and the reading will be completed in Google Classroom, due Friday, March 23.

Johnson HE:  We are in the gym playing badminton on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  We will review for a unit test over Human Growth and Development on Wednesday and take a test in the classroom on Friday.

March 5- March 9:
We will be skiing at Bridger Bowl on March 9.  Please drop your child off in the North Parking lot if they are bringing their own equipment.  We will have 3 vehicles along the curb up by the bike racks to load skis in their vehicles.  Plan to pick your child up between 5:15 and 5:30 in the North Parking lot.

Babcock - Butterflies, Pinwheels & Wallpaper: Students are working on their Escher-like Tessellation projects. Students have been given the info and rubric for the project. They will have work time during class Monday through Wednesday. The projects are due Thursday, and then they will get to display and look at their peer's work through a gallery walk.

Babcock- Moving Straight Ahead: Students are learning how to solve for x in equations. They are introduced to the concept through visuals and then move to number equations. 

Johnson HE:We will be in the gym on Monday and Wednesday starting a unit on badminton.  On Tuesday we will write 12 review questions on sex ed and on Thursday we will play a review game using the review questions generated on Tuesday.  Our final test on sex ed will be the week after spring break.

February 26-March 2:
Janssen CA: Students should have a complete fictional narrative draft by Tuesday. They will be revising and editing their drafts. Final narrative due Friday, March 2. 

Janssen SS: Students will begin reading Crispin, by Avi, on Tuesday. Crispin is an excellent illustration of life for a surf in medieval England. Students will be reading mostly in class, however; they may need to bring the text home periodically to keep up with the class. 
Johnson HE: Our schedule this week is classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and skiing on Tuesday and Thursday.  We will have a quiz on terms on Friday in the classroom.
February 20-24:
Johnson HE: We will be in the classroom Tuesday - Thursday due to the cold weather.  We will not ski Friday because another team needed the ski equipment, so we will be back to skiing a couple of days next week.  There will be a quiz over the female reproduction system Wednesday.

February 12-16:
Babcock - Butterflies, Pinwheels & Wallpaper (Period 1 & 2): This week, the students are creating rules that allow shapes to reflect, translate and rotate on a grid. Wednesday we will be walking to the Museum of the Rockies for a planetarium show on Esher.

Babcock- Moving Straight Ahead (Period 3 & 5): Students are learning about linear relationships through tables, graphs and equations. They will have a quiz over Inv 1 on Friday.

Babcock - Social Studies: The students will begin to learn about medieval Europe through the novel Crispin. They will also be focusing on feudalism and The Crusades.
Johnson HE:  We will be in the classroom Monday going over the male reproductive system.  Tuesday we will be outside cross-country skiing.  We will cross-country ski at least one more day this week.  I have to check with Mr. Becker on the Bridger team to see when he wants to ski before I commit to the next day of skiing.  I will let the students know one day in advance about when they will be skiing so they can bring their warm clothes.

Janssen C.A.: Students continue to write fictional narratives. Each day I present a mini-lesson then they have time to write. This week will highlight dialogue, showing--not telling, and transitions. 
Janssen S.S.: Genghis Khan's Instagram due Tuesday, February 13. We are then off to medieval Europe and a study of feudalism. Students will be reading the novel, Crispin, in class.

February 5-9
Holland Science: On Monday students completed their Montana fish presentations and we have been presenting in class Tuesday - Wednesday. In our larger classes some students may need to present on Thursday. Students are using different formats to present their information, slide shows, comic strips, plays, puppet shows, etc. 
Janssen Communication Arts: 
Spelling Bee: Students competed in the classroom rounds of the annual spelling bee. First and second place students have been invited to compete in the SMS Spelling Bee immediately after school on Thursday. 
Fictional Narrative: Students have been "test driving" characters. We will be discussing plot diagrams, hooks, and leads this week. Gradually they will be delving into writing their own narratives.
Janssen Social Studies: Our study of Ancient China continues with the Mongols. The study will culminate with a fun activity where students will create (on paper) n "Instagram" account for Genghis Khan.
Johnson HE: We will be in the classroom studying Growth and Development on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. On Friday, the students will be tested on the endocrine system.  Tuesday and Thursday, we will be cross-country skiing.  Students will need a coat, hat, gloves, and 2 layers on legs.

January 29 - February 2

Holland Science: Monday and Tuesday we will be taking notes on what trout need in their environment, how are fish tank replicates that, we will be making observations, predicting hatching date according to thermal units produced by the water temp., predicting mortality rate, etc. We are excited to have our trout eggs in the trout tank. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each student will be researching a native fish of Montana, and putting together a presentation to present the information to the class. Presentations will start on Monday, February 5th.
Holland Social Studies: This week we are looking at the Islamic Civilization and the lasting contributions we still still use today. Students will do a mini research on one of the contributions and that will be due at the beginning of class February 5th.

Johnson HE:  In H.E. on Monday - Thursday, we will be in the flex room playing a table tennis tournament.  On Friday, we may cross country ski if the weather permits, or we may be in the classroom studying human growth and development.

Janssen C.A.: Students are beginning to think about characters and story diagrams (story arcs) for the fictional narratives they will be writing over the next few weeks. 

Janssen S.S.: We begin to learn about the Mongols this week. 

Babcock - Comparing & Scaling: The students will be preparing for their unit tests, which is going to be Thursday and Friday. Students will have problems to practice at home to help them study. 

Babcock- Butterflies, Pinwheels &  Wallpaper: The students will be starting a new unit on Tuesday. They will be learning about transformations, such as reflection and rotations. 

Babcock- Social Studies: Students will journal about the silk road simulation they completed last week. They will then focus on China's government and inventions before moving onto the Mongols. 

January 23-26
Holland: Science Tuesday and Wednesday will be spend finishing up an activity we started on Friday. Students had to sort through fossils to figure out what type of prehistoric animal they have discovered. Once they have compiled their evidence they created a model of what the animal looks like and include evidence that supports their answers. This is done on a poster that is due Thursday, 1/245 at the beginning of class.
On Wednesday we will receive our Rainbow Trout eggs and will spend Thursday and Friday we will be gathering information on the life cycle of a trout and what trout need in their environment to survive.

Holland: Social Studies - Tuesday and Wednesday students will be finishing their research on a specific religion and putting the information into a book so that they can teach other students about the religion. The books will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday, 1/25. Thursday we will work in groups to learn more about the various religions and will take notes on all four religions. This activity may move into Friday.
Janssen Communication Arts: Students will be beginning to think of characters and settings for the fictional narratives they will be writing over the next several weeks. 
Janssen Social Studies: Students will be researching  ancient Chinese innovation and completing an assignment based upon their research. This assignment will be due (tentatively) on Friday, January 26.
Johnson H.E.:  We  worked on our dance presentations on Tuesday, dressed out and worked on throwing and catching skills on Wednesday, and presented the dances that students created on Thursday.  All dances need to be made up if a student was absent during this dance unit.  On Friday, we will start a table tennis tournament that will continue into next week.

January15 -  19:
Johnson H.E.: We will continue with dance this week.  We have completed and tested two line dances, the two-step and the waltz. This week we will be working on the cowboy jitterbug and then students will begin to design their own dance.

Babcock - Samples & Population: Students are learning about different sampling types and will conduct random samples and draw conclusions based on the results. STAR test on Wednesday.

Babcock- Comparing & Scaling: Students will be analyzing numbers and comparing them through unit rates and rate tables. STAR test on Wednesday. 

Janssen Communication Arts: Students completed questions about the short story from An American Childhood by Annie Dillard. The questions track how students are doing on reading literature standards. Wednesday is STAR Winter Reading Benchmark testing. The remainder of the week will focus on grammar and usage.

Janssen Social Studies: In honor of Martin Luther King Junior's Birthday, we are reading an excerpt from Letter From a Birmingham Jail. I am hoping the students will recognize what a powerful writer and activist Dr. King was and feel compelled to read more of his writings and speeches. 

January 8 - 12: 
Holland S.S: This week we are working on Current events. Monday - Tuesday, students take a look at three articles, local, national and international and write a brief description of each. Once students have completed this they choose one of the articles to dig a little deeper into. They must type a article description that is two paragraphs. They have a handout of the directions for the typing of their current events. This will be due at the beginning of class on Friday, January 12th.

Holland Sci: This week we are working on a webquest on Exploration Through Time, each day I will introduce a new exploration for the students to complete. If students fall behind they can access the information on their computers at home. There is a handout for each exploration.

Johnson H.E.: We are testing a line dance on Monday and learning a new line dance, which we will test on Tuesday.  On Tuesday, we will also start the two-step and the waltz will be taught on Wednesday.  The cowboy jitterbug will be taught starting Thursday.

Janssen Communication Arts: We will be writing fictional narratives fairly soon. To prepare ourselves, we will be reading several narratives. This week, we begin with an Annie Dillard short story from An American Childhood

Janssen Social Studies: We are heading into Ancient China these next two weeks by delving into geography, dynasty, and innovation. Then we will visit the Mongols.  

Babcock - Samples & Population: Students are learning to use mean, median, mode, range, MAD and IQR to analyze data from line plots and box and whisker plots. They will have a quiz over Inv 1 on Friday.

Babcock- Comparing & Scaling: The students are comparing numbers using fractions, ratios and percents. They will also learn how to use proportions and solve for unknown values. They will have a quiz over Inv 1 Friday.

Babcock - Social Studies: The students will be exploring China's Golden Ages. This week they will learn about the Tang and Song dynasties as well as the impact of the Silk Road through a class simulation. 

January 3-5:
Janssen Communication Arts: After reading through the thematic essays, I compiled a list of grammar, usage, and punctuation problems that are trending with this year's seventh grade students. (Interesting to note: they are pretty much the same every year.) Students will be practicing the correct use of commonly confused words on noredink.com. Wednesday they will be completing a practice and Thursday, a quiz. No Red Ink is a wonderful on-line platform for learning and practicing the nuances of our complex language. It is the best I have found, thus far. for students' learning and retention. 

Janssen Social Studies: Students will participate in the classroom round of the National Geographic Bee. They answer seven questions. Students with 6 or 7 correct answers will be invited to take the written test enabling them to advance to the school championship on Thursday, January 11, after school. Good luck, students. This is an amazing opportunity for scholarships. In past  years, several SMS students have advanced to the state and national bees. 

Babcock - Social Studies: Students will participate in the preliminary competition for the National Geographic School Bee. They will each be asked 7 questions and students that get zero or one incorrect will then qualify for the written test to try to advance to the school bee on January 11th. 

Babcock - Samples & Population: Students will start a new unit and will learn to analyze graphs and data. They will explore a variety of graphs: bar, histograms, scatter plots, and line. 

Babcock- Comparing & Scaling: Students will start a new unit this week. They will learn how to compare numbers and learn how to use percentages and ratios to make comparisons.

 Johnson H.E.:  On Wednesday we completed our basketball unit with a two-on-two activity.  Thursday we ran the PACER.   On Friday we will start a dance unit.  Students do not need to dress out for dance but will need to wear shoes conducive to movement (no boots).

December 18-20: 
Janssen Communication Arts: Students have finished their thematic essays. After the break we will begin thinking about narrative writing and continuing our work on deep comprehension of reading. In an effort to continue student progress, PLEASE encourage your child to read over the vacation. It is so important that daily reading occurs, even during vacation. 
Janssen Social Studies: We will begin a study of Medieval China when we return after the break.
Johnson H. E.:  The students will be graded on three shots this week:  right hand lay-ups, left hand lay-ups, and the set shot.  In addition, they will continue playing tw0-on-two basketball. I reminded all students to take their gym clothes home to wash over the break and to have them back in school on Wednesday, January 3.  Have a safe and restful Holiday!!

December 11 - 15:
Johnson H.E.:  I will assess the students ability on right and left lay-ups and the classic one hand set shot in basketball.  They will start one-on-one and two-on-two games also this week.  We will continue to develop skill in ball handling, shooting, and passing in basketball and practice man-to-man defense.

Babcock - SS: This week, students will be exploring the contributions and influence of trade in the Islamic Empire. 

Babcock - Filling & Wrapping: This week, students will learn about the connection between the surface area of cones, cylinders and spheres. They will also learn how to calculate the surface area and volume of cylinders. They will be reviewing on Friday to prepare for their unit test next Monday. 

Babcock- Stretching & Shrinking: This week, students are reviewing scale factor. They will have a very short quiz on Wednesday on scale factor. The rest of the week will be dedicated to review for their unit test on Monday. 

Janssen Communication Arts: Students revised and edited their thematic essays this week. (Due Friday, December 15) This completes a deep unit of study of the elements of  expository writing. The students have worked hard, I am proud of them.

Janssen Social Studies: Students are learning about the Five Pillars of Islam and creating a flip book to illustrate the important aspects of each pillar. These will be due on Tuesday, December 19.

December 4 - 8:
Johnson H.E.:  We will continue working on basketball skills this week.  The skills we will concentrate on are dribbling and ball handling, shooting, and passing.  On Tuesday we will introduce the lay-up shot.

Janssen:  A big appreciation for our wonderful students: My family and I went "college shopping" for my son, resulting in my absence last Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. It is always great to come back to glowing notes from guest teachers. Your children worked hard and were respectful during my absence. The guest teacher asked to come back. I love that. Thank you for sending us such great kids on a daily basis. 
    Communication Arts: Students are revising and editing their thematic essays in class. Essays will be due Wednesday, December 13. 
    Social Studies: Students will be reading about the Five Pillars of Islam and creating a flip book which will be due next week. 

November 28-December 1: 
Janssen C.A.: Students are writing body paragraphs and conclusions of their thematic essays in class this week. Next week students will revise and edit their essays. 

Janssen S.S.: In honor of the the art of Byzantium, students are creating a collective mosaic of the Emperor Justinian this week.

Johnson H.E.:  We are starting basketball in class this week and it will continue through the month of December.  This week we will work on dribbling, passing, and shooting.

November 20-21:
Janssen C.A.: Students have identified a theme and written an introduction for their thematic essay. 
Janssen S.S.:  Students are finishing their self-guided study of the rise of Christianity. We will be replicating Byzantine art after the break. 
November 13-17:
Janssen C.A.: Students have identified a theme of the novel they are reading. We will begin writing thematic essays in class. We will focus on introductions first. 
Janssen S.S.: After leaving the Byzantine Empire, we will begin learning about the history of Christianity and Islam.
Johnson H.E.: This week we are concentrating on running for a warm-up to fitness testing.  Everyone will do a sit-up test and a push-up test.  Results will be reported during student-led conferences.

November 6-10:
Holland Social Studies:  This week students are researching a lasting contribution, historic event or person from the Roman Empire. Students will be working solo or with a partner. We will spend Monday-Wednesday researching and Thursday - Tuesday of next week, putting a presentation together. This project is designed to do in class and not at home. If your student is not using his or her class time wisely there will be homework for him or her to catch up. Presentations will be done by presenting a poster, slide-show, model, etc. Students select how they want to present their information.

Holland Science: This week, Monday-Wednesday, we will be finishing up Genetics. On Tuesday, your student may have homework if he or she has not finished the Geno - Phenotype packet we have been working on in class. It will be due at the beginning of class, Wednesday. We will have an assessment on Cell Reproduction the last have of class on Wednesday. Students will be allowed to review their journal notes and labs the first have of the period. Thursday we will begin a new unit on Natural Selection. 

Janssen Communication Arts: Students will be practicing identifying theme in song before working toward identifying theme in texts of their choosing. They will be completing graphic organizers before embarking on writing a thematic essay. 

Janssen Social Studies: Students are being introduced to the Byzantine Empire and Emperor Justinian.

Babcock - Moving Straight Ahead: The students will have their unit test Thursday and Friday. They will begin their review in class on Tuesday and continue to review Wednesday. They will be given their quizzes to use as review tools as well as some practice problems. 

Babcock - Accentuate the Negative: This week, the students will continue to review addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of positive and negative numbers. They will be preparing for their unit test next Tuesday. 

Johnson HE:  This week we are focusing on building hand-foot coordination by speed jumping with the jump ropes.  In addition, some classes are able to play big base when the gym is available.  And lastly, we are doing fitness activities for a warm-up. 

October 30-November 2:

Janssen Communication Arts: This week, after Halloween, students will be learning the difference between topic and theme. We will be practicing identifying theme by listing to some familiar songs. 
Janssen Social Studies: 
We move to the Eastern Roman Empire and learn about the Byzantine Empire. 
Babcock - Moving Straight Ahead:

Johnson HE: We will be in the classroom studying principles of fitness on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week.  On Tuesday and Thursday we will be active in the fitness room. 

October 23-27

Picture retakes are Wednesday, November 1. To order online, please visit:
Use the order code: 20377DB
Holland Science: Our learning goals for this week are to design and construct a cell model of mitosis that predicts cell division. Also, to depict the behavior of chromosomes during cell division. We took notes on the cell cycle on Monday, Tuesday we conducted a lab on "Modeling Cell Division", this lab will take through Wednesday. Wednesday & Thursday, we are pollinating our Fast Growing Plants, Thursday - Friday, we will be do a lab on Meiosis.

Holland Social Studies: Learning goal for this week is for students to be able to explain the expansion and contributions of the Roman Empire. Students will also  examine various resources to obtain information and to determine which are reliable resources. Monday we finished the investigation of Cleopatra's Death, also we used the text book to read and respond to questions. Tuesday, students used different sources to determine if Augustus was a good leader (Emperor). Wednesday is a wrap-up for finishing reading, questions and the Augustus activity. Thursday - Friday we will continue to investigate contributions and the expansion of the Roman Empire

Janssen Communication Arts: Students will be reading, annotating, discussing an excerpt from Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary Schmidt. Schmidt is a master of using figurative language in his writing. Despite this, there are no book covers for this title that do justice to his amazing language and the images it creates in the reader's mind. Students will be creating a book cover for the book. Book covers are due Friday, October 27.

Janssen Social Studies: Students will be reading an article about the fall of the Roman Empire. They will read, annotate, discuss, answer document-based questions, and write a short response. Assignment due Friday, October 27.

Babcock - Moving Straight Ahead: Students are deepening their understanding of how to read and analyze graphs, tables and equations by comparing data They will work in class on several problems on Wednesday to practice the new concepts and they will have a quiz on Thursday. 

Babcock- Accentuate the Negative: Students have been using chips to help them visualize adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. For the rest of the week, they will learn and use algorithms to help them. They will get lots of practice in the classroom and at home. They will get a hard copy of the algorithms and I will e-mail the rules to them too. 

Babcock - Social Studies: Students will be working on their Ancient Rome Extension Project this week. Last week, they picked two topics and Monday, they developed research questions. They will be given class time to research and to begin to work on their final project.

Johnson HE:  On Monday we completed our flag football unit with some punting and kicking off tees.  We also did an effort run that was included in power school.  Tuesday and Thursday we will be inside playing table tennis.  I will grade everyone on serving Thursday.  Wednesday will be outside if the weather permits.

October 16-18:
Babcock - Moving Straight Ahead (1&2): The students will take their first quiz on Tuesday. They had the opportunity to review during class on Monday. Wednesaday, they will learn about points of intersections and identify the points using tables, graphs and equations. 

Babcock - Accentuate the Negative (3&5): The students will take their first quiz on Tuesday. They had the opportunity to review during class on Monday. Wednesday, they will learn a variety of strategies to add positive and negative numbers.

Babcock- Social Studies: Tuesday and Wednesday, the students will complete a close analytical reading (CAR) on the fall of Rome. Next week they will work on their Ancient Rome projects. 

October 9-13:
Holland Science: Monday thru Wednesday we will be doing various labs that show different types of asexual reproduction. They have viewed Parameciums, Blackworms, Coleus Plants, and Hydra. Thursday will be a day that students do some reflecting on the sections that we just completed by reviewing and responding to questions. Friday, we will begin exploring cell division.
Holland Social Studies: This week in social studies we are exploring the reasons for the fall of the Roman Republic. We will be doing some reading and answering questions  from our text book, holding class discussions, and investigating the death of Julius Caesar. 

Babcock - 1st & 2nd Per Math: On Tuesday, the students will be starting a new unit, Moving Straight Ahead. They will be learning about linear relationships through graphs, tables and equations. They will also get their unit test back by Friday and will have the opportunity to make corrections.

Babcock - 3rd & 5th Per Math: On Tuesday, the students will start a new unit called Accentuate the Negative. They will learn about strategies and rules to use for the to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative numbers. They will also get their unit test back by Friday and will have the opportunity to make corrections.

Babcock- Social Studies: Students be researching Julius Caesar this week and determine what type of leader he was by completing a report card for him. Then they will be learning about the daily life of Romans by the end of the week. 

Janssen- Communication Arts: Students completed an assignment in class this week in which they wrote about the short story "Thirteen and a Half." We have been discussing author's techniques used to achieve the goal of readers understanding their text deeply and more completely. We will begin looking at figurative language and why authors choose their words carefully.

Janssen-Social Studies: Students are completing a report card for Julius Caesar as if they were his teacher. Julius is being graded in the following categories:  courage, contributions to the Roman Empire, intelligence, treatment of others, and leadership skills. We will move on to learning about life in, and the innovations of, the Roman Empire. Next week we will learn of its demise.

Johnson HE:  We will be outside Monday completing our throwing and punting assessments for flag football.  In addition, the students will be graded on a 5 - 8 minute run.  If the weather permits, we will play flag football this week.  If it is too cold or wet, we will be inside continuing our table tennis and jump rope units.

October 2-6: 
Holland Science: Monday we finished the section titled "Exploring Cell Types" (pages 29-31). Students made and recorded microscope observations of various cell types and also answered question 9 a-e. Tuesday, we went over the answers to yesterday's lab and began the final "Reflection Activity" for section 2. Students respond to questions and design a bone cell based off of their observations of different cells types, shapes and sizes. They will design their cells on paper, with a partner. That will be due at the end of class, Thursday. Friday, we will be introduced to a new section in the our genetics unit  on developing an understanding on how cells reproduce. We will start off with some reading, questions and a Hydra Reproduction Lab.

Holland Social Studies: My learning goals for students this week is for them to be able to explain Rome's beginning and the rise of the Republic. Monday, we will finish up some reading on pages 262-267, and answer questions 1-5. Next, we will gather some information on The Republic, define some terms, complete a graphic organizer on social classes and branches of government. Wednesday, we will do a short read and answer more questions. Thursday and Friday we will be discussing the Punic Wars and how they led to the expansion of Rome, cause and effect, as well as the mapping of the Roman expansion.
Johnson HE:  With the onset of cold weather, we have started an indoor unit of table tennis.  Every other day we will be in the 1/2 gym working on form running and jump rope.  Although we have completed our volleyball unit, we are still hoping for some warm weather to continue our flag football games.  I will be grading my students on effort in running in the next week or two.  My expectation is that they will pace themselves so that they can jog the entire distance (about a 5 to 7 minute run).

Babcock - Math: All math classes have a unit test starting on Thursday. Students should work on their Inv 2 quiz corrections, which will be due on Wednesday. Tuesday and Wednesday all class period will be dedicated to review for the unit test. Students are encouraged to look over the parent letter that was sent home in an e-mail to parents and look over past quizzes and homework assignments (they will be receiving more back on Wednesday).

Babcock- SS: On Monday and Tuesday, students will finish their discussions about the Punic Wars and then move onto the fall of the Republic. By the end of the week, they will learn about Julius Caesar and his impact on Rome. 

Janssen C.A.: After working with a substitute on Monday due to my illness, students dove into No Red Ink, an online grammar and usage program. Students will be reflecting on author's techniques and goals as well.

Janssen Social Studies: We are studying what went wrong with the Roman Republic, Caesar, and the Rise of the Empire. 

September 25-29:
Babcock - Comparing & Scaling: This week students are working through the 3rd investigation. They will be asked to use unit rates, rate tables, proportions and equations to solve a variety of word problems. The Comparing & Scaling unit test will Wednesday next week. 

Babcock - Shapes & Designs: Students got the opportunity to review their quiz on Monday. They will be introduced to the criteria/properties of triangles. The Scaling & Designs unit test will be Thursday next week.  

Babcock SS: Students are learning about the Roman Republic and the 12 Tables. They will be using graphic organizers to help them process, organize and review the details they are learning. 

Janssen C.A.: We are beginning to look at author's techniques and goals this week. We are also beginning "Sacred Writing Time," which is 10-15 minutes of journaling for students. 
Janssen S.S.: After a quick overview of the Roman Empire, we are diving more deeply into several details such as the Punic Wars, the 12 Tables, and Caesar.
Johnson HE:  Monday is our last day of volleyball for all classes.  Tuesday all classes were outside working on skills and getting ready to play flag football.  Wednesday is our first PACER test, a test of cardiovascular fitness.  Thursday and Friday we will be out playing flag football.

September 18-22:

Picture Day is Friday, September 22. Students should have brought home  order forms for picture packages. You can order on-line or fill out the order form and return it to school with your 7th grade student. 

Babcock - Comparing & Scaling: Investigation 1 quiz will be on Monday. For the rest of the week, the students will compare and scale rates. They will use rate tables to determine unit rates. They will have an Inv 2 quiz on Friday. 

Babcock - Shapes & Designs: Students will complete a hands-on activity to determine the angle sum of triangles and quadrilaterals on Monday, then they will be introduced to several equations to use to calculate the angle sum and measure of regular polygons. They will have a quiz on Friday over Inv 2. 

Babcock- Social Studies: On Monday, the students will learn about the importance and impact of the US Constitution. The rest of the week, the students will learn about the geography of ancient Rome, the beginning of Rome and be introduced to the structure of the Republic. 

Janssen C.A.: Students began the week by reading, and annotating, the short story "Thirteen and a Half" by Rachel Vail. After lengthy discussion, students will complete questions regarding the text in class. Please continue to remind your middle schooler that reading is ALWAYS homework for CA class. Thank you.

Janssen Social Studies: The geography of Rome and an overview of the rise of the Republic dominate the week in social studies. We will be discussing our team's name, Absaroka,  on Friday in honor of Indian Heritage Day.

Johnson HE:  We are playing volleyball games on Tuesday and Thursday this week in Periods 1,2,and 3.  Because of inclement weather, we will play volleyball in periods 4 and 5 all week.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Perods 1,2,and 3 will be outside getting ready for flag football games if the weather permits.

September 11-15:
Janssen C.A. Students complete zines (a tiny booklet) about themselves this week. Due Tuesday, they will share them with small groups so we all can get to know one another better. On Thursday, we will be reading the short story "13 1/2" by Rachel Vail. This mentor text will be discussed and referred to this trimester as we read and begin to write about our reading. 

Social Studies: After stopping to look at presidential responses to "days of infamy" on 9/11 Remembrance Day, we discussed the five themes of geography, learned related vocabulary, and looked at examples of each. 

Babcock - Social Studies: We will start the week off discussing the first responders of 9/11 and how they sacrifice their lives to save others. Then the students will continue to work on their 5 Themes of Geography books.

Babcock - Comparing & Scaling (Period 1 & 2): This week, the students will be starting their first unit that is based on ratios and proportions. This week during the first investigation be introduced to ratios and proportions and how they are used to compare numbers.

Babcock- Shapes & Designs (Period 3 & 5): Students will continue to learn about how to draw and estimate angles. They will also be introduced to the qualities of triangles. They will have a quiz on Wednesday.

Johnson: HE:  This week we were outside practicing flag football skills and plays on Tuesday and Thursday.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are/were in the gym reviewing volleyball skills.  We will be ready to play both flag football and volleyball next week.