April 17, 2017 
Mrs. CieslaLA:
Read 20 minutes EVERY night
Complete Signpost on your designated night
"Thank You Ma'am" TDQ Section 3 due 3/23
All 3 sections of TDQ's due 3/23 
Any missing work is due the next day or it will be Lunch and Learn
SS: Current Events due 3/24
All articles and quizzes on Howthemarketworks.com are
past due

Mrs. CoronaFinish classwork 
Mr. DelaneyAll: Read independently 30 minutes.  Period 1/2: finish Generations Stations; Period 3: TKAM chapter 2 questions; 
Ms. Donohue 
Mr. Hodges 
Ms. KawaAll classes- Read for a minimum of 30 minutes each night. 
Complete Signpost on your designated night
Period 3-Complete the thematic essay draft.  

Period 9- Complete the thematic essay draft.

Complete any classwork that was not finished in class
Ms. Martell 
and Miss D.
Algebra: Complete Engrade Volume problems

Mrs. Murphyshort response to article and video
due April 18th
Ms. Vranas 

*Read at least 30 minutes every day outside of school.  
*Fluency bookmark due every Friday!
Practice your fluency using your IR book and record your words read per minute on your fluency bookmark.  

Language Arts:      
Finish writer's notebook entry if not completed in class.