October 20, 2016 

Mrs. CieslaLA:
Read 20 minutes EVERY night
Outsiders Writing Prompt due 10/17
Letter to Montreal (late)
SS:No Current Events due this week! (Enjoy the break or catch up on late work)
Florence Hotel and Flight due 10/7
Mrs. CoronaFinish classwork 
Mr. DelaneyRead independently 30 minutes.  Period 9: "The Challenge" TDQ #1
Ms. Donohue 
Mr. Hodgesscience contracts  
Ms. Kawa Video permission slips due 
Complete any unfinished classwork and hand in for tomorrow
Ms. Martell Algebra: Complete Unit 4 Lesson 1 notes

Pre-Algebra: Finish Re-Check
Mrs. MurphyPopular Vote vs Electoral College due Friday, October 14th 
Ms. Vranas 

*Read at least 30 minutes every day outside of school.  
*Fluency bookmark due every Friday!
Practice your fluency using your IR book and record your words read per minute on your fluency bookmark.  

Language Arts: