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Physical/Health Education at Blackhawk Middle School consists of three components:
  •  Team Sports includes instruction in the following areas:
    • Soccer 
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Team Building
    • Fitness
  • Fitness Lab engages students in activities which promote:
    • Cardiovascular endurance
    • Muscular endurance
    • Core strength
    • Flexibility
    • Appreciation for lifelong fitness and overall health
  • Health develops an understanding of a variety of health related areas:
    • 6th grade: Health and wellness, the digestive system and nutrition.
    • 7th grade: Promoting healthy behaviors, the circulatory and respiratory systems and the effects of tobacco on the body
    • 8th grade: Reproductive system and sex education, and the nervous system and the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body.

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